DSC Keypad LCD5500 stuck in French language


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DSC PC5010 system with LCD5500 keypad
Hello everyone, my keypad was working in ENGLISH and then something happened (don't know what) but now it's stuck in FRENCH language.
All my reading suggests that I need to hold the < > buttons together for 2 seconds to enter language selection mode which it does. It shows French. \
However, when I press either < or > it doesn't change, only beeps and stays on French language.
This is driving me crazy because I know it was in English when I started my setup.....I must have done something during programming that forced it into FRENCH only and it's now stuck there. I've factory reset the system board and the keypad with no luck - it seems to be stuck in French.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
I'm assuming this is what you're doing, just can't change language? Posting video here as reference (not my video).

Were there any recent changes, such as a firmware update?