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HaikuHelper 2.00

- Added HTTPS server (port 9399)
- Added HTTPS JSON API for entire controller feature set
- Added preliminary web control interface
- Added graphing of climate history
- Added Web preferences tab
- Added reveal in finder button to log viewer
- Added link to download Haiku on Notifications preferences tab
- Bug fixes, UI tweaks
- Added to API: Controller.batteryLevelDescription(), Controller.eventWithNumber(), Controller.setAllAreasToMode(), Controller.activateKeypadEmergency(), Controller.acknowledgeAlerts(), Helper.sendLocalNotification(), Helper.syncNow(), Helper.version(), Object.class(), Unit.isLight(), Unit.requestStatus(), UserSetting.kindDescription(), Area.activateKeypadEmergency(), Area.acknowledgeAlerts(), ControllerPreferences.statisticsLoggingEnabled(), Controller.clearStatistics()
- Added a timestamp argument to onSyncStart() that represents the exact time the sync was initially scheduled/started
- unit.dim() and unit.brighten() now require a number argument of steps from 1 to 9
- Updated API documentation to reflect new features

HaikuHelper 1.70

- Added helper.include() to scripting bridge
- Added speech recognition support to scripting bridge
- XMLHttpRequest is now supported by scripting bridge
- Improved serial port support
- Fixes a potential crash

Haiku 3.54

- Corrects ON/OFF buttons sometimes not working (if finger is lifted outside the switch)
- Improved metadata support for NuVo systems
- Fixes a potential crash

HaikuHelper 1.61

- XMLHttpRequest is now supported by scripting bridge
- Fixes a potential crash

Haiku 3.53

- Much improved "Pull JPEG" functionality for non MJPEG cameras, no more flashing black frames
- Fixes crash introduced in 3.52

Haiku 3.52

- Added new action button in Rooms to turn on all units in that room and to turn off all units + audio zones in that room
- Auxiliary zones are no longer consider "Insecure" and thus not displayed in Status tab
- Fixes areas without a name not appearing when there is only one area defined

HaikuHelper 1.60

- Added Growl notifications support
- Added serial communications support to scripting bridge (see scripting documentation)
- Added menu to dock icon
- Added logging file-based method to scripting bridge - great for collecting stats
- Added onRefreshConfig() callback to scripting bridge
- Added Script menu with ability to Stop/Run script for selected controller
- Added Controllers menu
- Added controller menus to status/dock icon menu
- Added context menu to Controllers panel
- Added ability to launch buttons from the controller menus
- Added ability to send email notifications from script via helper.mail()
- Improved battery level status display accuracy
- Fixes a bug where deleted controllers and their data could stick around in the database (and we clean them up)
- Removed the helper connection failed notification
- Added controller.isWorking() to scripting bridge
- Added helper.executeAppleScript() to scripting bridge
- Logs are now saved to ~/Library/Application Support/com.nullriver.HaikuHelper2/HaikuHelper.log
- Improved sync process flow for enhanced reliability
- Controllers pane will no longer pop up when starting on login
- Time sync and controller config refresh now happens at 4:06 AM daily
- Fixed bugs with Date types in scripting, date methods now return timestamp as a number
- Graphical/UI fixes & improvements

Haiku 3.51

- Fixed "Rooms" being empty on some configurations
- Fixed a crash when removing a controller
- Faster refreshes
- Improved performance of disarming (changed priority in queue)
- Improved performance of loading units, audio zones, thermostats and user settings (changed priority in queue)

HaikuHelper 1.50

- Huge new feature: added Scripting support via JavaScript
- Window condensation feature now communicates with controller every 10 minutes (was every 30)
- Fixed a crash when removing a controller

HaikuHelper 1.10

- Added preferences for what push notifications to send
- Added notifications for Energy Cost Updates
- Added "Send Test Notification" button for push notifications
- Fixed repeated alerts for troubles and added a trouble cleared notification
- Fixed a bug causing programs to fail to run sometimes due to clock being updated on the hour, every hour (its now at 12:05 AM daily)
- Fixed a bug causing sunrise/sunset dates not to be updated in 1.0

Haiku 3.50 - WIP

- Added Extended Setup Rooms & Cameras support (on firmare 3.9 or later)
- Bug fixes
- Graphical tweaks
- New sound effects

Haiku 3.42

- Added new button and flag pickers for selecting camera/controller action buttons/flags
- iPad popup cameras now appear full screen
- Fixed weather not working on iOS 4
- Fixed a bug with push notifications
- Improved proximity detection feature
- Graphical tweaks

Haiku 3.41

- Timers with a dimmed unit now display status correctly
- Fixes a crash when a connection to a controller fails (bug introduced in 3.4)

Haiku 3.4

- Fixed an issue with camera passwords that contained an ampersand or slash
- Fixed an issue where the weather view could stop being updated and display "WEATHER NOT AVAILABLE"
- Improved proximity detection code
- Graphical tweaks
- User experience improvements in controller manager and camera editing

Haiku 3.3

- Improved quick menu swipe gesture to not activate unless swiped from closer to bottom of screen.
- Corrected a bug that prevented push notifications from working
- Corrected a bug that prevented proximity detection from working in the background

Haiku 3.2

- Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show your Quick Buttons menu (your favorite buttons)
- Added Proximity Detection - Haiku will flip a flag on/off when you enter/leave a geographical region (ie. the vicinity of the home)
- Added push notification support (requires HaikuHelper running on a Mac)
- Added option to synchronize the controller's time to the device's time on the About tab
- Note: weather settings will be reset in this upgrade, please reconfigure (sorry)
- Reworked camera preset settings interface
- UI improvements
- Removed message alerts
- Fixes camera names not being displayed/saved properly if Use Custom Names is turned off in Settings
- Performance improvements

HaikuHelper 1.0 - Initial Release

- Added status display
- UI tweaks
- Added caching to weather refreshes
- Added clear button to log window
- Stability improvements
- Fixed RainAdvisory flag showing the last rain day instead of the first
- Fixed a possible crash when an alarm sounds

HaikuHelper 0.99

- Added iOS push notification support
- Added window condensation prevention feature for HAI thermostats
- Added controller time sync to Mac
- Added Energy Cost updates for TED5000
- Added Rain Advisory Flag for sprinklers

Haiku 3.1

- Added support for pulling of static jpeg images for cameras that don't support MJPEG
- Added Energy Cost to top status display
- Fixed some minor UI glitches
- iPad only: cameras are now full screen

Haiku 3.0

- Multiple controller support added
- Reworked Settings UI (some settings are now in the "Controllers" controller selection screen, set individually per controller)
- Bypassed zones now show a gray icon indicating whether the zone is secure or not with a checkmark or X.
- Added a HAD TROUBLE status for zones
- Fixed refresh of audio zones when Mute All/Unmute All/All On/All Off are used.
- Fixed iPhone/iPod crashing because the Audio Zones/Favorites tab bar was left in the UI, but was no longer in the code -- removed
- Graphical/UI improvements

Haiku 2.82 - Submitted September 1st, Approved ???

- Fixes navigation glitches on iPhone/iPod touch
- Added Favorites tab to Settings
- Fixed scrolling issue on iPhone when changing date/time user settings
- Fixed leviton/centralite scene misalignment

Haiku 2.81 - Submitted August 24th, Approved August 31st

- Fixes crash introduced in 2.8
- Added Favorites tab to Flags, Outputs & Buttons
- UI improvements
- Fixed minor graphical glitch in Control section on iPad
- Performance optimizations
- Removed sources tab under Audio

Haiku 2.8

- Added a fire zone type group
- Added option not to show alert dialogs for messages
- Fixed reversed volume up/down buttons for NuVo
- Added performance optimizations
- Quick Refresh now "slow refreshes" only once a week

Haiku 2.7

- Added "Full State Refresh" option to Settings which allows Haiku to refresh all important object states on connect to better reflect the entire system state (on by default)
- iOS 5 compatibility improvements
- Fixed a potential crash

Haiku 2.6

- Fixes issue with Audio view being cut off on iPad w/ iOS 4.x

Haiku 2.5

- Corrected/improved NuVo support
- Audio zone control improvements
- Fixes some temperature sensors appearing as insecure in Status when not ready
- Networking fixes
- Faster refreshing of objects
- Added repeat for stepper controls (tap + hold)
- Corrected Control->All On/All Off not working after first use (per launch)

Haiku 2.4

- Added OFF timer status display
- Added All On, All Off, Unmute All and Mute All to Audio page
- Added Dimiss All to Messages page
- Added ability to increment/decrement counter flags
- Added XM/FM channel # display to audio sources that support this feature
- Faster response when changing audio sources
- Fixes sliders not working when drag gesture ends outside slider (volume/level sliders)
- Tweaks to audio controls

Haiku 2.3

- Added X10 Standard Dim/Brighten buttons
- Optimizations

Haiku 2.2

- Added Sunrise/Sunset times to About screen
- Improvements and fixes to Audio subsystem controls
- Made the port field for the controller optional (defaults to 4369)
- Added night icons to weather
- Messages will no longer pop up / beep when the message is sent without a beep/led
- Fixed area status popover in Security page not updating when a different tab is selected and the area popover is still visible
- Fixed a connection related issue
- Added camera presets support for Foscam, Panasonic, Axis, Sony
- Added notifications in status bar
- Removes Force Rooms setting (contact us if you were using it?)
- Fixes inability to unset camera popup & run buttons
- Fixes simulated rooms not showing in "Rooms" tab of "Control" page when "Force Rooms" is enabled
- Fixes SCENE status display appearing for flags (it should not)
- Fixes an issue with non roomed units (single units) appearing under a wrong room
- Fixes weather not working (weather not available) for non-English locales
- Fixes an important networking bug
- Graphical fixes
- Misc bug fixes

Haiku 2.0

- Added weather display in Status section
- Added troubles display to Status and About screens
- Added energy cost display to Status (iPad only) and About screen
- Added ability to edit cameras
- Added camera settings for button for camera popup & button to run when camera shows
- Added PTZ support for Foscam, Axis, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Trendnet cameras
- Added Text To Speech for Security (in Wall Mode), Alarms, Perimeter Zones, Messages (enable in (Home)->Settings->Haiku)
- Added full Somfy shade support
- Quick menu button on "Status" page shows buttons marked as favorites only
- Flags now display counter value next to the on/off state
- Scene letters now displayed as status when a scene is set
- Added HLC scene set support (store presets by tapping "..." button)
- Added a Favorites tab to the Control page
- Added indentation for units under rooms in the Control page
- Added Hi-Fi 2 by HAI support
- Temp sensors, etc. no longer displayed as an insecure zone in status
- Improvements to networking code
- Improved status accuracy when first connected
- Graphical fixes
- Fixes alarm and message alerts to display custom object names
- Fixes scene selector/timer not working in certain situations
- Fixes a potential crash when refreshing
- Fixes a bug with adding cameras that can cause object state to not be saved. Removing and readding your cameras is recommended.
- Fixes an OLRequestExtendedObjectProperties error in Events tab
- Fixes the white flash before a camera loads
- Fixes zones not showing "Armed" status after system is armed

Haiku 1.7

- Added display of countdown timer for entry/exit delay
- Added Wall Mode setting which enables beeps for entry/exit countdown, prompts for code on entry
- Improved alarm handling and notification
- Added Force Rooms setting which enables grouping into rooms every 8 units regardless of unit type
- Added setting to disable custom names
- Changes to names will now clear relevant customized names to avoid confusion -- avoid opening Haiku while PCAccess is updating names
- Fixes some graphical glitches when certain rows are updated live
- Flags and Outputs tab bar items now display ON count
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations

Haiku 1.6

- Fixes OLRequestExtendedObjectStatus error dialog in Audio tab
- Fixes a potential crash

Haiku 1.5

- Makes dimming available on RadioRA2 units
- Adds renaming of objects (double tap the top label inside an object's view to edit)

Haiku 1.4

- Support for Outputs
- Full CentraLite scene support
- Improved Leviton ViziaRF support for configurations where rooms are not defined
- Improved status displays for thermostats
- Animation bug fixes for thermostats

Haiku 1.3

- Adds an option to disable "Quick Connect" -- this makes Haiku refresh the entire configuration on every new connection, otherwise its done every 12 hours or manually from the "About" section
- Bug fixes and improvements in event log descriptions
- Bug fixes in security section

Haiku 1.2

- Adds support for single HLC units that are not in a named room (RTI configurations)

Haiku 1.1

- Added username/password fields to camera dialog
- Fixes an issue with failed connections not bringing up connection wizard view
- Improved reconnection/connection code

Haiku 1.0

- Greatly optimized reconnection and object refresh speed
- Fixed bug with Audio tab not showing up on first launch (or until force quit/restart on iOS 4+)
- Fixed bug with Debug section not showing up in some cases

Haiku 0.99

- Added flag support

Haiku 0.98

- Added detail status info to detail view for thermostats, units, auxiliary sensors, zones
- Improved response times for controller commands
- Lumina mode changes no longer require a user code
- Graphical fixes
- Improved networking

Haiku 0.97

- New object status views with more detail
- Improved thermostat support for various custom configurations
- Improvements to unit support for RadioRA, ViziaRF, Jetstream (CentraLite), Clipsal and others
- Fixed Lightolier Compose, X10, etc. unit control views/organization
- Added extended (A-L) scene support for Lightolier Compose units
- Number of running furnaces (thermostats) is now shown as a badge on the climate icon
- New dimmer bulb icon representing a dimmed unit added
- Removed unused buttons from thermostat settings popover
- Fixed reversal of + / - buttons in Audio
- Fixed multiple checkmarks appearing in area mode picker
- Fixed an issue with audio sources list in audio popover being cut off on iPad
- Removed "Audio Sources" from Favorites tab
- Improved keep alive code

Haiku 0.96

- User Code entry screen added for arming/disarming and zone bypass/restore
- All On, All Off added to Control tab
- % RH will not be displayed for thermostats that do not support humidity
- Unnamed objects will no longer show up when notifications arrive for them
- Fixes unnamed areas not showing up / security mode button being blank
- iPhone 4 retina display graphics (a few icons outstanding for next update)
- Adds channel info for russound tuners/XM
- Fixes a crash in Security/Status when upgrading from first release

Haiku 0.95

- Added track information for audio zones/sources
- Added + / - buttons to audio zones
- Added camera support for MJPEG cameras
- Added iPhone support
- Added iOS 4 multitasking support
- New interface style
- Some new icons added
- Audio tab now displays a count of powered zones
- Networking and UI bug fixes

Haiku 0.90 - Initial release
HaikuHelper 2.00 (Updated)

- IMPORTANT: Scripting object properties are now accessed without trailing brackets, ie. controller.name, NOT controller.name()
- Added HTTPS server (port 9399)
- Added Interfaces: create your own fully customizable HTML5, AJAX or Flash web interfaces that could be used on touch panels, computers, etc.
- Added HTTPS JSON API for entire controller feature set
- Added preliminary Default web control interface
- Added sample Buttons interface
- Added graphing of climate history
- Added Web preferences tab
- Added reveal in finder button to log viewer
- Added link to download Haiku on Notifications preferences tab
- Added HaikuHelper Changelog to Help menu
- Added Object Editor, which allows renaming of objects and marking objects as Favorites (for scripting use only for now)
- Logs are now stored in a Logs subfolder of the HaikuHelper folder
- Added Scripts and Interfaces folders to HaikuHelper folder, the Scripts folder is used for includes and the Interfaces folder is used for creating your own interfaces
- Improved sync scheduling
- Bug fixes, UI tweaks
- Added a timestamp argument to onSyncStart() that represents the exact time the sync was initially scheduled/started
- unit.dim() and unit.brighten() now require a number argument of steps from 1 to 9
- Updated API documentation to reflect new features
- Added to API: Controller.acknowledgeAlerts()
- Added to API: Controller.activateKeypadEmergency()
- Added to API: Controller.batteryLevelDescription
- Added to API: Controller.clearStatistics()
- Added to API: Controller.eventWithNumber()
- Added to API: Controller.notices
- Added to API: Controller.setAllAreasToMode()
- Added to API: ControllerPreferences.statisticsLoggingEnabled
- Added to API: Helper.sendLocalNotification()
- Added to API: Helper.syncNow()
- Added to API: Helper.version
- Added to API: Object.class
- Added to API: Area.acknowledgeAlerts()
- Added to API: Area.activateKeypadEmergency()
- Added to API: Thermostat.holdDescription
- Added to API: UserSetting.kindDescription
- Added to API: Unit.isLight
- Added to API: Unit.requestStatus()
HaikuHelper 2.10

- Added Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm option for graphs (in Settings->Web) (Safari users - enable this to avoid Safari crash for large graphs)
- Switched to HTTP instead of HTTPS for web server due to technical limitations of SSL protocol, password is still sent encrypted
- unit.scene now returns 0 if no scene is set, or 1 for scene A, 2 for scene B, etc.
- Fixes issue with sorting of events on Default web interface
- Fixes changing of audio source not working in both web interface and scripting
- Added to API: Controller.rooms()
- Added to API: Controller.roomWithNumber()
- Added to API: Room object
- Added to API: Object.rooms
Haiku 3.61

- Added support for setting presets on Trendnet IP610
- Added infrared/night on/off support for Trendnet IP610 & Foscam cameras
- The automatic name/configuration refresh now happens once every 30 days (instead of every week)
- Added Trendnet IP610 (and compatibles) PTZ and presets support
- Added ability to specify what controller Haiku should connect to and what tab to select via a URL - for example: haiku://localhost/Control or haiku://My%20Controller@localhost/Buttons
- Added "Prevent Screen Locking" option in Settings
- Optimizations for better refresh speed
Haiku 3.62

- Added "Local Area" setting in Controller Settings for setting what area (if any) Haiku should consider itself to be a part of - Leave blank to control entire system
- Haiku now switches to the Status tab for push notifications about troubles, alarms, etc. and to the Messages tab for message push notifications.
- The screen will no longer lock if "Keypad Mode" is enabled in Settings (tap the screen to end the screen saver)
- Removed "Prevent Screen Locking" option from Settings
- Performance optimizations
- Fixes an issue with using controller port numbers higher than approx 32768
HaikuHelper 2.20

- Added to API: ControllerPreferences.optimizeGraphData
- Its now possible to hide graph series on the climate graph by clicking the color box on the legend
- Performance optimizations
- Fixes a potential crash when viewing the climate graph
- Fixes a potential crash when a trouble occurs
- Updated documentation
Hey are there problems because of the screen saver? I thought I heard apple had a issue with that in the past in other apps. Just trying to get an update. Thanks!
HaikuHelper 2.21

- Added Access Control Reader support to scripting and web interface
- Scripting: It is no longer necessary to call refreshZones, refreshUnits, etc in onRefreshConfig(), HaikuHelper now refreshes all objects for you
- API: Added AccessControlReader object
- API: Added Controller.refreshAccessControlReaders(), Controller.accessControlReaders, Controller.accessControlReaderWithNumber(), Controller.accessControlReaderWithName(), Controller.lockAllLocks(), Controller.unlockAllLocks()
- API: Added Message.showWithoutBeep(), Message.showWithoutBeepOrLED()
- API: Message.clear() is renamed to Message.acknowledge()
- API: Message.isDisplayed is renamed to Message.isUnacknowledged
- Fixes Controller.date, Controller.sunsetDate, Controller.sunriseDate returning a string description instead of a javascript timestamp in scripts
- Fixes Event object properties returning undefined in scripts
- Outdoor Temp/Humidity sensors are now matched by 'Out' or 'Ext' in name
- UI tweaks
- Updated documentation
Hey its been a while any resolution? I am eagerly anticipating the new version and would like to see it in action before I start ripping anymore omnitouches out of the wall :)
HaikuHelper 2.30

- Basic Camera support added to Default Web Interface
- Thermostats and Aux Sensors setpoints are now adjustable from the Default Web Interface
- Switched to WebSockets for Web Interface UI updates
- WebSockets-enabled browser required for Default Web Interface (ie. Safari, Google Chrome)
- Fixes temperature inputs not accepting decimal points for Celsius
- Added ability to reload connected interfaces from the Web menu
- On startup, HaikuHelper will now tell all connected interfaces to reload after 15 seconds
- API: Added persistent object id (oid) property to all controller objects (Tip: use this for custom interfaces)
- API: Added controller.uniqueIdentifier
- API: Added Camera object
- API: Added controller.cameras
- API: Added controller.cameraWithNumber()
- API: Added controller.cameraWithName()
- API: Added controller.roomWithName()
- API: Added unit.setOnForSeconds()
- API: Added unit.setOffForSeconds()
- Updated documentation to reflect API additions
HaikuHelper 2.31

- Added support for e-mail notifications (from scripts only) via your own SMTP server
- Removed support for sending e-mail notifications without an SMTP server
- Added support for HTML5 localStorage and databases in Scripting API (persistent variables, logging, etc now possible)
- Web Interface tweaks
- Updated documentation
- Improved camera importing from Extended Setup
HaikuHelper 2.32

- Fixes a potential hang when using a Web Interface or the pull API
- Fixes crash on startup on some machines without a script
- Fixes graphing on 32-bit systems
HaikuHelper 2.33

- API: Added Unit.isTwoWay
- Updated scripting documentation
- Now sandboxed as per Apple's requirements (note that the location of all HaikuHelper related files has moved to ~/Library/Containers/com.nullriver.HaikuHelper2/)
- Fixed localStorage support
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