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HaikuHelper 4.02

- Fixes Default (Black) interface theme not being included
- Fixes blinking indicators in Default interface on Safari 7
- Restores smooth animations on Default interface
- Fixed crash during JavaScript exceptions in Script Editor
- Scripting: Added String.format() function to make formatting strings easier, example: "Light: {0} is {1}".format(unit.bestDescription, unit.statusDescription)
- Scripting: Added support for an autostart.js in Scripts folder
- Scripting: helper.include() now supports returning a result
- Ignores odd thermostat readings in scripting due to thermostat comm errors
- Fixes timers not animating in web interface on Mavericks due to App Nap
- Avoids system sleep while HaikuHelper is active
Hello, I established Haiku on "to Iphone 4
7.0.4 (11B554a)" when phone passes into a dream mode - to Haiku doesn't transfer system changes. Help to solve a problem?
Haiku 3.94

- Updated for iOS 8
- Fixed missing slider bug
- New weather service
- Added Favorites filter to Cameras list
- Security code is now a secure entry field in controller settings
- Fixed extended setup rooms/cameras not being removed if all are removed from controller
- Added PTZ support for D-Link DCS series cameras
So I updated Haiku to the latest version and now the interface is sort of janky looking.
Is it supposed to be sort of a mix of dark and white like that? 
I have to agree was astonished when I saw the color change! A big big upset.  I am looking for a "theme" option somewhere but can't seem to see it.
The UI had to be updated to fix the slider (or do an update at all) because Apple does not accept updates using the old SDK that Haiku was using. Using a dark UI is causing some issues so we had to go with the light one. Haiku is at the end of its life and we have already invested more than planned into this update.

We're working on a new UI for Space that will remain dark.
Don't dorce us to use space to get the dark settings.

Also in the latest haiku it didn't store my edited buttons along the bottom. I set them and they seem not to be saved on subsequent loads of the program. Seems like a bug?
heffneil said:
Also in the latest haiku it didn't store my edited buttons along the bottom. I set them and they seem not to be saved on subsequent loads of the program. Seems like a bug?
The lighter interface is growing on me. I'm thrilled that the update takes advantage of the larger iPhone 6 screen resolution. I also have the bug with the buttons along the button reverting every time I open the app.
Just be thankful they updated it at all.  As they said, its end of life and their time is better spent correcting Space then maintaining Haiku.
He even warned there could be issues with the update and they would do the best they could to at least getting it functional.
I'd be happy with the previous version.  It was going strong.  I can't see being happy for something that works worse.  Imagine going to buy new tires - or lets say they are tires under warranty since we aren't buying anything a second time, and the new ones they replaced them with are worse?! I wouldn't call myself lucky.
Going backwards is the wrong direction.  Again I would have been happy with the previous version and I mistakenly set my app store to automatically update apps.
I agree with Bal. It is time to move on. I downloaded Space when it was freshly released and as heffneil points out, it was not very functional. About a month ago I took another swipe at it. I was pleasantly surprised and I have completely converted over now to Space.
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