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    Bypass a zone on a

    We have a DSC WT5500 which is about 10 years old. One of the window sensors is broken, because the cover does not stay on reliably. While I'm fixing that, I want to bypass the window's zone. The only documentation I was able to find on DSC website is a manual for WT5500 installation available...
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    DLS 5 issue, new equipment

    Im trying to understand where the incompatibility issue is. The Board is a PC1864 Ver 4.72 The communicator is a TL260R Ver 3.05 DLS5 software is Ver 1.74 I keep getting this error message
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    DSC Keypad LCD5500 stuck in French language

    DSC PC5010 system with LCD5500 keypad Hello everyone, my keypad was working in ENGLISH and then something happened (don't know what) but now it's stuck in FRENCH language. All my reading suggests that I need to hold the < > buttons together for 2 seconds to enter language selection mode which it...
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    dsc 1500/1555 keypad question

    I have a bad 1550 keypad and will replace it with one from EBAY. I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but do I just press in on the bottom indentation to release the cover to open the old keypad or do I have to do something else?. I obviously don't want to just yank it out of the wall :)
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    DSC 1832 Gen Sys Sup after adding zone expanders

    DSC 1832v4.6 in use for several years without issue. Zones 1-32 occupied by a few hardwired and mostly wireless sensors. I added two 5108v2 zone expanders, ran section 902, and they appear in section 903 as I've set the jumpers for zones 33-40 and 41-81. However, even after several power cycles...
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    DSC 1832 entry delay not function properly

    I have a sensor defined as Delay 1, but when armed as away mode as soon as the sensor is open it triggers the alarm, no entry delay.   What's wrong?   Thanks    
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    DSC 1832 and COSMOD

    I have a DSC power series 1832 and system sensor smokes and CO detectors hooked up with a COSMOD. It all works great only problem is when i get out of programming i get a trouble for a couple of seconds. I only started when i hooked up the COSMOD. Anyone else had this problem?