DSC 1832 Gen Sys Sup after adding zone expanders


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DSC 1832v4.6 in use for several years without issue. Zones 1-32 occupied by a few hardwired and mostly wireless sensors. I added two 5108v2 zone expanders, ran section 902, and they appear in section 903 as I've set the jumpers for zones 33-40 and 41-81. However, even after several power cycles and running section 902, the expanders will clear their supervisory alarm, but then go back into supervisory alarm after about a minute (Envisalink tells me they are in supervisory alarm - the keypad shows Service Required - Gen Sys Sup). The new zones 33-48 also aren't accessible in sections 003 and 004, and they don't appear in the Envisalink web interface (only the original 32 zones appear). However, the two expanders are present when scrolling through section 903, and the 5108 tamper works properly when I open/close the cabinet in which I've mounted them. The expanders are remote from the main board, and I've run new cabling in order to eliminate a cable problem as the cause. I'd greatly appreciate any advice!