1. C

    Did anyone else lose configuration with eKeypad update today?

    It looks like eKeypad updated on my iPhone today, and in the process, my panel's eKeypad configuration was lost.  Did anyone else have to reconfigure their eKeypad app today (9/6/19)?
  2. S

    ekeypad pro 8-30 second delays on button press

    Suddenly ekeypad pro has been giving us an 8-30 second delay on every button press like bypass or fkeys or arm.  If you don't wait, you can keep clicking it seems to send the same event many times.  Wait long enough and eventually the event happens.   This does this over secure and nonsecure...
  3. D

    ekeypad displaying M1G messages

    There is this nifty message second line in a M1G that can be programmed to display various messages such as: Happy Birthday, etc.   How can I make this like visible using ekeypad using the blueprint module?   Thanks!   Later edit: yes, I can add a small keypad or a full keypad view,  but all...
  4. N

    Loosing 'favorites' when making changes and other issue

    I have been tweaking my ekpro on iphone. I noticed that when I do some changes in preferences (i forget which settings), I seem to loose my favorites setting. it goes blank. Has anyone else had this issue?   Second, this is a programming suggestion for ekeypad. When you are in favorites, and hit...
  5. N

    Setting up IP cameras

    So finally got some IP cameras, Hikvisions, and want to be able to access them through ekPro. But having trouble setting up. First, is there a write up, or help section for how to do this? I went on the ekpro site, but remember a section that had more articles on how to set up ekpro, but can't...
  6. D

    can't arm or disarm via eKeypad

    Subject says it all. I can control everything else but not the alarm functions. Earlier in this thread, about 5 years ago, a comment was made about the access checkbox in ElkRp. Mine has never been checked. I've got to be missing something simple.
  7. S

    Which IP Camera for eKeypad

    I purchased a Foscam FI9821 for use with eKeypad.  This camera does configure fine and I can view the image.  Come to find out the PTZ feature was not implemented in eKeypad.  8(   So ... i need to purchase a couple of HD IP cameras that really do work with eKeypad.  Looking to spend $100 max...
  8. M

    ekeypad and iphone/ipad error log

    I am having a problem with ekepad on my iphone 5 in both ios7 and ios 8.0.2 and in my first generation ipad.   When I clear the error log using elkrp2 the log appears to be erased in elkrp2 and in m1togo but it is not completely erased in ekeypad on either device. There are a series of entries...
  9. M

    Displaying temperature on the Iphone

    I have a keypad with thermometer in a second area and have displayed the temp in favorites on my Ipad but I can't find the temp at all in my Iphone. Does the Iphone version of ekeypad not have the temperature display feature?   Mike.
  10. H

    eKeypad Very Slow when using 2601 Secure Port

    Hey all, I been working with Jayson on tracking down why my M1G connected to a 10/100/1000 Cisco professional switch is very slow when using 2601 Secure port feature of the ELK. Example:   If the ELK is setup to use port 2601 Secure port and I have it hardwired to a Linksys wireless router with...
  11. K

    Multiple Questions Regarding eKeypad

    Rather than email eKeypad over and over, or post multiple threads, I've been collecting some questions, and decided to post them all here in one thread, for others' benefit as well.   Can someone from eKeypad (or anyone on this forum who knows the answers), answer the below questions?   - Can...
  12. F


    Hi Jason,   I finished up giving up waiting for the Russound interface on eKeypad, had to go for another way of integrating the Russound system with the M1 system. That be be honest it was very disappointing as you may recall I was very patient....a number of "when is it going to be ready" posts...
  13. R

    EKeypad not showing function keys

    I've just recently noticed this on my iphone (ipad is fine). I can't show the Elk function keys in the iphone interface. What am I missing?
  14. P

    Ekeypad pro

    Hi guys, I've been using the ekeypad pro app for some time now but I'm having issues and not sure how to get this working. I don't seem see all the programming that was done on it initially. My problem now is that I don't remember how I configured it and been spending some time to foul around...
  15. jaysonc

    eKeypad v2.16.6 is now available on iTunes

    Another big update is now available for eKeypad. Available today is a new update. Changes in this update include: - Added support for Philips Hue LED colored lighting (eK ISY and eK Pro) - Added support for profiles (device associations)  - Added a failsafe mode (see device settings app)  -...
  16. M

    Favourites lost after AppStore upgrade

    Hi All Apple AppStore pushed an upgrade to ekpro for me today - version 2.16.6. It creates a backup file called PreMigration4. I can't use this version to restore. Restoring backups from a day or so ago restores system settings but not favourites. Any tips appreciated. Cheers msniper
  17. M

    ekeypad access issues?

    Is anyone else having issues accessing their Elk and/or ISY devices over the internet via eKeypad?  I'm suddenly unable to connect with my iPhone but all of the settings and network tests look fine.  ekeypad.net appears to be down right now as well; coincidence?    
  18. Z

    eKeypad controlling Elk controlling Nuvo?

    I have been gone from home automation for a number of years so it is time to update my system and add some fresh functionality, namely, control from my iPad devices.  The two primary devices I want to control is my Elk panel and my Nuvo Grand Concerto.  Here are some questions   1) Is there...
  19. jaysonc

    eKeypad v2.12.2 is now available on iTunes

    eKeypad v2.12.2 is now available on iTunes   We have had a few releases since the last forum update (v2.10.0) but the list of changes in eKeypad  v2.12.2 is a big one. It has kept us very busy, sequestered at times and even now I am watching another sunrise.   We have also created a twitter feed...
  20. J

    Control two elk M1s?

    Can the eKeypad M1 or the eKeypad pro support two elk systems? I'm looking to control both my primary house and my vacation house. Both would be on the internet.