home assistant

  1. pete_c

    Home Assistant Alarm Keypad display

    Here using Home Assistant (and Homeseer) to manage a Ring Alarm (and doorbell and thermostat) for house #2 and OmniPro2 panel in house #1. I see an console keypad for the Ring Alarm system but do not see one for the OmniLinkBridge app. Ring card is defined as: type: alarm-panel states: -...
  2. R

    OmniLinkBridge to integrate Home Assistant, SmartThings, Node-RED

    OmniLinkBridge is a C# service that allows you to control your OmniPro II controller from SmartThings (Web API) and Home Assistant (MQTT). You can also use it with NodeRed (MQTT) to create flows for advanced control of your devices. As the successor to HAILogger is also provides logging and...