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    HAI Omnistat RC-80 replacement?

    I have an Omnistat RC-80 thermostat in use at my house with an Omni Pro II. I am investigating a possible replacement of the RC-80 with a modern smart thermostat, mostly so that I'll have better access to the thermostat settings through Google Home, both while at home and away. Communication...
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    Hai Leviton Omnistat 2 Issues

    Two out of three Omnistat 2's that I have replaced due to failure, all Zigbee models, are exhibiting strange behavior. When installed, they all three worked correctly, displaying relative humidty as well as the proximity sensor working correctly. Now for some reason two of them no longer display...
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    Omnistat 2 and San Diego service provider?

    Greetings, I'm happy to have found this forum. We purchased a home in North East San Diego County last year. The home was built around 2009 and the original owner put an extensive HAI system throughout (4000 sq. ft.). During this time, there have been a number of times I've woken up in the...
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    HAI Leviton OmniStat 2's

    Has anyone been able to source OmniStat 2s? I just had two of my Omnistats go black screen after a bad storm. I had one spare and it seems to be working fine but I still need to replace one. I doubt I'll be able to find one at this point but I have to try.   Another question - is it possible to...