HAI Leviton OmniStat 2's

Has anyone been able to source OmniStat 2s? I just had two of my Omnistats go black screen after a bad storm. I had one spare and it seems to be working fine but I still need to replace one. I doubt I'll be able to find one at this point but I have to try.
Another question - is it possible to use any other thermostats and interface with the Omni Pro system? It's really sad what Leviton has done to the Omni product, but I digress as I know there are enough threads on this already.
Here using the old serial OmniStat RC-80 as a back up to the Omnistat2.   
I never touch it and only view status of it (and temperature sensors) via the HA OmniLinkBridge and Homeseer Touch plugins.

A Zigbee thermostat might work with the OmniPro Zigbee ZIM module.

Buy one on Amazon. Try to pair it with the Zigbee Zim. If it doesn't work return it.
I asked the same question in 2017 here ==> 

Leviton OmniPro Zigbee thermostat Options?
Powered up my Zigbee ZIM today and may try to connect it to an old Zigbee Centralite thermostat in the next few days...doing this on the workbench...
I'd be interested in knowing your results. I'm using MyroHome so that's really where I want to have access to thermostats.
Tested pairing of the Centralite 3156105 to the Zigbee Zim today.  Works fine.
Time is not syncing from the Zigbee ZIM to the Thermostat.
After about 10 minutes the Zigbee ZIM time sync'd up with the Centralite Thermostat time.
Not sure if the USB cable will be charging the Zigbee ZIM and not sure how long the 4 AA batteries will last.
Will post granular details and pictures in the next day or so.
Update 25th of June, 2022
I am going to suppose that OmniPro 2 users know how to connect and configure the Zigbee ZIM to the OmniPro 2 panel.
It's very plug n play.  If requested will put the step by step in for those just purchasing Zigbee ZIMs.
1 - reconnected the Zigbee ZIM to the OmniPro2 panel.  Configured one serial port to Zigbee and made sure jumper was set for voltage.
2 - wrote configuration to panel
3 - configured one unit for Zigbee and used the address for the Thermostat seen on the ZIM.
4 - added thermostat #2 as a Zigbee thermostat with same address used in the unit configuration
5 - wrote configuration to panel 
6 - see thermostat fine in status with PCA and OmniTouch Pro running on my touch screens.
7 - all functions on Zigbee thermostat touchscreen work fine (checked thermostat display and zigbee zim display)
Here have my tabletop touchscreens running Homeseer touch and OmniProTouch via a button on the Homeseer touchscreen.
I have built a Homeseer Omni Plugin Omnistat screen and added weather stuff and temperature and humidity sensors to that screen.
This would be the same as seen on the Omnitouch 5.7e screens.  
Snap link running on Windows 10 tablet and Android also see the two thermostats.
I use Snaplink with an OpenVPN client running on the Windows 10 tablet and Android phones.
Zigbee ZIM installation instructions:
The Leviton controller connects to the ZigBee network by using a Model 81A00-3ZB ZigBee Interface Module (ZIM). Set the jumper on the controller serial port to the “485” position. Set the Serial Function for the serial port on the Leviton controller to ZigBee.
The ZIM serves as the coordinator for the ZigBee network. Individual ZigBee devices need to be enrolled through the coordinator before they may participate in the ZigBee network. When a device is enrolled in the ZigBee network, it is assigned a unique four digit address by the coordinator. This address is used by the Leviton controller to access the device. ZigBee devices may also be disbanded through the coordinator to remove them from the network.
Devices may be enrolled or disbanded by using the ZIM directly, by using an Omni or Lumina console to command the ZIM, or by using PC Access software to command the ZIM. The recommended method is to use PC Access software to ensure that the ZigBee addresses are stored in the PC Access account file.

Installation Using PC Access
First, connect to the Leviton controller using the PC Access software.
To set up units, set the House Code Format for the desired units in the Leviton controller to ZigBee. Now click on the button in the “Address/Node ID” column for the desired unit. If the address is non-zero, a ZigBee device has already been enrolled for the unit. If this is not the correct device, press the “Disband” button in the dialog box to disband the current device. After any existing device has been disbanded, place the new ZigBee device in the enrollment mode by following the instructions for the device. Then press the “Enroll” button in the dialog box to enroll the new device. If the enrollment process is successful, the ZigBee address for the device will be shown.
Follow a similar process for thermostats. First, set the thermostat type for the thermostat to “Auto Heat/Cool”, “Heat/Cool”, “Heat Only”, or “Cool Only” as appropriate. Click on the button in the “Protocol/Address” column for the desired thermostat, set the protocol to “ZigBee”, place the thermostat in the enrollment mode, and enroll the thermostat by pressing the “Enroll” button.
Note that if PC Access is not connected to the Leviton controller, the “Enroll” and “Disband” buttons will be disabled. ZigBee addresses may be manually entered if the ZigBee network has been previously configured by using the ZIM directly.

Installation Using Console
An Omni or Lumina console can be used to initiate enroll and disband operations at the ZIM.
To set up units, set the House Code Format for the desired units in the Leviton controller to ZigBee. Press “#” twice when displaying the status of the desired unit. Select “Disband” to disband any ZigBee device currently assigned to the unit. Place the new ZigBee device in the enrollment mode and then select “Enroll” to enroll the new device.
Follow a similar process for thermostats. First, set the thermostat type for the thermostat to “Auto Heat/Cool”, “Heat/Cool”, “Heat Only”, or “Cool Only” as appropriate. Press “#” twice when displaying the status of the desired thermostat. Select “Disband” to disband any ZigBee device currently assigned to the thermostat. Place the new ZigBee device in the enrollment mode and then select “Enroll” to enroll the new device.
After enrolling or disbanding a ZigBee device remember to use PC Access to read from the controller so that the ZigBee addresses can be saved in the PC Access account file.

Installation Using ZIM
Follow the instructions for the ZIM to manually configure the ZigBee network. Record the ZigBee address for each ZigBee device enrolled at the ZIM and then enter these addresses manually into PC Access as described above.
PDF Zigbee Manual
Omnistat2 Zigbee Integration manual
The Ecobee with Zigbee module might also work for basic thermostat functions relating to the OmniPro panel.
Personally here try not to put dependencies on the cloud for my home automation.
IE: using only Tasmota Wifi switches these days and the thermostat is never touched much or even looked at much these days.
I still have a few Amazon Alexa devices around and do manage them today with Home Assistant Alexa Media Player plugin.

Next configuring Home Assistant to manage this thermostat just to see how that works.
I still prefer the serial connected to the OP2 panel Omnistat V1 and V2.  The serial transport is much faster than Zigbee.   
Took me a couple of years to update the old Omnistat 1 to the newer Omnistat 2 even though purchased when it was first available.  
It is just an appliance and never touched or looked at or changed.  
I do monitor the status with the OmniTouch Pro screens, Homeseer Touch and Home Assistant. 
The monitoring / touchscreen GUI has never changed. 
Customized the newer touchscreens with weather (and weather station stuff)  and more temperature sensors.   Here is the Homeseer touch screen for the thermostat...

  • As I slowly move from Omni 2 to Amazon Alexa/Ring [security/zones converted over so far] total automation control [currently using the Mason's Homeseer plug in and loving it] I am anticipating my 4 Omnistat 2's to fail. 

  • Am thinking the Ecobee/Zigbee w/ remote sensors setup will be my go to.  Don't have the patience to go with Home Assistance besides I love the Alexa voice control and recently am using it on my Apple watch.

  • However replicating my detailed OP2/ PC access temperature control programs with alexa routines will be difficult because conditions [and ifs] are not part of routines.  Comments pro and con are welcome....

  • BTW I am removing 6 Omnitouch 5.7e screens [seldom used & HAI automation studio was never mastered] replacing with Echo Show 5 or Firestick HD 8 tablet and want to sell them cheaply to a worthy supporter of HA.  
Yes house #2 is pure wireless today using Ring / Alexa / Tasmota  Homeseer / Home Assistant / MQTT.  Using Tasmota remote temperature / humidity sensors.
House #1 is a hybrid of sorts with OmniPro 2 panel and a bit of the above.  Only one Omnitouch 5.7e left (very slow).  Went to using a combo of OmniTouch Pro and Homeseer touch these days which is much faster than the OmniTouch 5.7e's (The serial Omnitouch 5.7's were even slower).  Using OmniPro 2 and Tasmota remote temperature / humidity sensors (MQTT).
Due to WAF / age not much VR here or motion sensor automation. Homeseer still doing TTS on zoned audio (+15 years now) and now Alexa is doing same. The HA Alexa Media plugin totally manages the Alexa devices.
Best bet on your Omnitouch 5.7e's is Ebay and or here on Cocoontech.
So I figured I would just add to this thread instead of creating a new once since it involves Omnistat 2s. Two out of three Omnistats that I have replaced, all Zigbee models, are exhibiting strange behavior. When installed, they all three worked correctly, displaying relative humidty as well as the proximity sensor working correctly. Now for some reason two of them no longer display relative humidy nor will the proximity sensor work, even though they have one. Oddly, the proximity range option no longer appears on two of the thermostats.

My first thought was since these replaced older thermostats and I did a config download, perhaps something was overwritten. If I'm correct though, downloading all settings from PC Access to the HAI Omni panel only affects the panel, and not the thermostats.

I've considered doing a complete reset of each thermostat to see what happens.

Firmware upgrade may be an option but I've heard horror stories about Omnistat firmware upgrades since there are so many varients that seem to be very firmware specific.

Any recommendations?