1. CT Droid

    Verified HAI ZigBee Updater

    The HAI ZigBee Updater application is used to update the firmware in HAI ZigBee devices
  2. D

    HAI ZIM update

    I recently bought a HAI ZIM as a spare. I went to update it using the same process I did with my first ZIM. Problem is, even though the file downloads complete successfully and I watch the progress on the zim and it reports file download successful, the ZIM never updates. On power up, it still...
  3. D

    Zigbee 3.0 and HAI

    Has anyone tried using Zigbee 3.0 devices with the HAI Zim? I've been reading that they should be backwards compatible and support the HA profile. I want to try a few devices but hate buying them if they won't work. I'm looking at things like the Smartthings remote button, water sensor...
  4. electron

    Anyone still using the Brultech whole house energy monitor?

    I still have mine installed, and am wondering if anyone is doing something with the ZigBee interface.
  5. T

    HAI Leviton OmniStat 2's

    Has anyone been able to source OmniStat 2s? I just had two of my Omnistats go black screen after a bad storm. I had one spare and it seems to be working fine but I still need to replace one. I doubt I'll be able to find one at this point but I have to try.   Another question - is it possible to...
  6. M

    OmniPro and Kwikset

    I have an omnistat2 that supports zigbee.  I think it is like a repeater as I am hard wired to the omnistat2.     Can the Omnistat2 communicate to a Kwikset zigbee?     Else, what do I need to connect to Kwikset?   Michael