HAI Leviton OmniStat 2's

What Zigbee thermostats did you purchase?

PCAccess will only utilize basic functions and not affect firmware. The Zigbee HAI Omnistat2's can be updated via the HAI Zigbee ZIM.

The Zigbee Centralite thermostat that I connected to the Zigbee ZIM is functioning fine now for a few weeks.

Just recently purchased Honeywell Zwave Thermostat TH6320ZW2003 T6 to tinker with.

Here have no central humidifier connections to the current Omnistat2 thermostat. I do read humidity levels with the OmniPro combo temperature / humidity sensors and have 1-wire combo sensors all over the house here. (attic, second floor, first floor and basement). I have not had any issues with my serial Omnistat2 that replaced an RC80 many many years ago.
I feel your pain Codeman,,,,As I wean myself from the OP2 system and realize that the two functions we miss the most [security is already with Ring/Alexa routines and working well] are lighting control [we have seldom touched a dimmer switch] and Water Furnace 4 zone thermostat control [again never touching as PCA did it all] ... So I have just ordered one Ecobee Smart Premium Thermostat from Duke Energy to see if it + Alexa can duplicate Omnistat 2... Will keep you all posted....