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    Serial Communication with HAI OMNI IIe

    I have Universal MX-3000 remotes all over the house that using a MSC-400 send serial commands to the OMNI. The system worked great for years until X10 just completely quit altogether. I never tried to use the remotes to control anything for years since the X10 was so problematic. Now I want...
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    HAI Omnipro II serial connection

    If there is a cheat sheet for this it would be great to know where to look. So I PCA software but it won't fire up with my saved PCA file on another computer. So it looks like I need to pull the pca file off the board. I have a serial/ethernet cord. Do I plug it into the ethernet port on the...
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    USB-to-serial questions

    This was a really dumb user error, so to avoid confusing anyone else, I deleted the original text. Ira