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    HAI UPB PIM + UPStart connection

    Where can I find the serial cable that talks from PC to HAI UPB PIM? How do you put the HAI UPB PIM into pulse mode? I have an Omni Pro II (3.4) controller that utilizes a HAI UPB PIM for lighting. I am having trouble communicating with the HAI UPB PIM. I can not find a HAI/LEVITON 36A05-2...
  2. electron

    PulseWorx UPStart 8.3 build 27 now available

    More release notes:
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    Upstart connection issues

    Hello All, I have purchased home that has an Omni Pro II system with HAI switches and all we were handed was the owners manual and tech support line that is no longer in service. The last owners did not know any of details on the system and the room names on the wall panels are from the...