3Com Audrey's? What's a good replacement?


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Thanks everyone, and sorry Stinger, didn't mean to hijack the thread, hope you were through with it :p .

This is the only Audrey I've ever owned, and that I've ever seen. So my ignorance is probably very apparent!

I used it with the Touchpad interface with HomeSeer Verision 1

On the back, right hand side, is the power connector, below that is the RJ11 modem jack, then below that is the RJ45 jack (labeled ethernet) that has the Mitsumi Wavit 11 plugged into it. Nothing is plugged into the two USB ports or the serial port.

Link to the Mitsumi device:


Googled this website tonight, downloaded the user manual. Still haven't found a source for the Mitsumi configeration utility, will Google some more.

Recently I've been occupied with getting HomeSeer 2 configured and stable, and really had sort of "forgotten" about poor ol Miss Audrey sitting over in the corner of the desk :p

But since Stinger posted the Audrey thread, I kind of hijacked it to see if some knowledgeable Audrey folks could help point me in a direction to bring Miss Audrey back online.

I'll check some of the Audrey forums also.


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I'd be interested to see that Audrey, because the standard model has the power connector, and two RJ-11 ports for the modem - line and phone. Either you have a prototype, or one that has been hacked. Have you tried plugging it directly into a network switch or hub, not using the wireless unit? Can you take pictures of the unit and post them?



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At least one person was modifying stock Audreys and putting the USB ethernet interface inside the case. This was obviously several years ago and a quick search didn't turn up any pictures.

{edit follows}

There's a post on www.linux-hacker.net that describes configuring the Mitsumi AP:
Configuring Mitsumi AP
{search for mitsumi}

But, of course, it doesn't describe where to get the software.

There's a post from a "huggy_d1" there, too. But D1 is 209, not 59. Any relation?


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electron said:
I believe that Audrey only supports 40bit WEP, which is pretty much useless. I assume that WiFi module is some sort of bridge? Do you have any model #? If it is a bridge, then you shouldn't even have to touch the OS. If it isn't a bridge, I would recommend getting one.
I think the FBI did a demonstration on cracking WEP and did it in under 5 minutes (and didn't need anything exotic hardware wise). And it was 128 bit or better as well.


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electron said:
yep, you don't need much to crack WEP, WEP is a waste of time/resources.
Depends on the situation. You can't crack WEP if there's little to no traffic for you to analyze. So it is useful to protect an access point from being used by freeloaders when you're not around.


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Then all you have to do is create more traffic in order to speed things up, there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this.


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Heh... didn't know about that. Amend my thought to read, "...useful to keep casual WiFi users off your private network." It's like having a security system "Protected By ____" sign. A pro can get in, but most will just move on to easier targets.


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It is a hacked Audrey. The company it came from is here

I have not contacted them yet about WEP. Was going to send an email this weekend. I'll also try plugging directly into my switch this weekend.

Smee, thanks for the linix-hacker link.

markthomas, yes I use WEP to keep A PARTICULAR casual user off my system. She visits for a weekend only about every three months or so, but does show up sometimes when I'm not there. Her laptop has screwed my network up for the last time :p

I have carried both my laptop and handheld all around my property lines, and my signal isn't reaching that far. Granted, someone determined, with a high gain antenna and some effort might, but there is a public open hotspot just down the street that a casual user would probably prefer.