8" In Wall - MAS IW8 or ArchiTech SE893KE?


I am looking for a decent pair of in-wall bedroom speakers. Have any of you guys used either? If so, what is your opinion. Looking to spend $150...give or take $50.
I would consider these as well from HTD.

I have several sets and are very happy with them.

One other thing to consider (if you haven't used in-walls before) is a subwoofer. In-walls can sound very good, but they usually lack the bottom end (even 8"). Depending on the music you listen to - a subwoofer can REALLY make a difference.
Hi Kimvi,

I'm not familiar with either speaker that you linked, but you may want to consider speakers from Proficient Audio in with your other choices. Proficient is a daughter company of SpeakerCraft and makes some really good speakers for the money.

Right now they have a promotion on their top of the line kevlar models which makes them an extremely good deal. The promotion is really designed to create higher margins for the dealers, but I tend to pass the savings along to customers. The sale goes through the end of the month so if you have a look around the web, you might find some good pricing from some of the on-line retailers. Feel free to give me a call or email as well.

Take a look at the Proficient W850... it's got a kelvar woofer with a cast magnesium basket and seems to have better specs than the other speakers your looking at.


These retail for $575pr and usually sell on the web for $250-300. During the promotion I can sell them for less than what's normally dealer cost which makes them a great value and nicely within your budget.

They also have in-ceiling and in-wall/in-ceiling home theater speakers that are part of the sale (C645, C850, C870, IW550, W690)... we're installing lots of the C645's for whole house audio.