Air Hogs Aero Ace RC Plane

Rustytek said:
I added two pieces of electrical tape. It provided enough weight for stable flight and protects the nose from all of the crashes.
That's what I've got on the nose of mine. I don't think the nose needs too much protection from crashes though - pretty hard to damage the foam. :)
Thanks smee! I got mine today, $20.09 at Toy'R'Us. I wanted to get two, but wifey said they only had two and they were the same radio code, so I only got one.

How much tape are you using? mine porpoises
WayneW said:
How much tape are you using? mine porpoises
I have 3-4" on the nose of one of mine. It reduces the porpoising a bit, but not much. A dime on that plane is too much. It really seems to vary a lot from plane to plane.

After you fly it a few times with the porpoising, you will probably start to get a feel for the plane and see how you can reduce it through control. I really don't find it to be too much of a problem - i.e., it still does it but I don't mind as much.

I do give the planes some down elevator (bend the tabs on the horizontal stabilizer) which helps some too. Adding weight will probably reduce flight times.
I got mine today as well, this is such a fun toy, I even had the wife play with it. It also is the best weightloss program ever, I have been busy getting it out of trees and off the roof lol. A penny was too heavy for me, so I attached a piece of plastic I had laying around (from an old RFID fob, so it was kind of aero dynamic lol).

I only got one, so I can get the jet version once its available in the local stores. Definitely a good find!
what are the 3 aluminum stickers to be used for? they are listed on the instructions, but no actual instructions are given
I've read that there are two sets of instructions, one mentions them and the other does not.

It seems the consensus is that they are for putting on the elevators and rudder to help hold them in the desired position.
well, I just experienced a nice mid air collision with a pigeon (was trying to chase it out of my yard, since we have a bird problem). This thing is fun ;)
Well thanks a lot! As if coming here doesn't make you spend money on HA toys, now we gotta be buying planes. Got 2 today (father and son), hope to give them a whirl tomorrow.
Now these are fun! I got 2 of the AA's and one of the Stealths (thinking it was the jet). Avoid the stealth looking one. At all cost. It has MUCH larger motors and power, however the control is a joke. Basically UP/Down/Left/Right exclusivly..IE: no up to the left.

Anyway, I am thinking something here. Of the two Aero Ace's, one flies very well and I can't get the other stable for anything. If I look at the front profiles, the one that flies well looks "off", I mean way off. IE: one side of the wings is bent way different than the other. The other looks pretty straight.

This got me to thinking that perhaps they are actually tweaking them to some standard in the factory. If this is the case, at $21 each, I'd love to see how they pull this off.

The one that doesn't fly well has hit so hard and I have tried to tweak so much that the motors dont' stay stable on the wings. I'm exchanging it at TRU tomorrow.
I've seen photos of these "off" planes and the 3rd one I picked up looked exactly like that. Since you say yours flies well, I'm going to check mine before I return it.

There are some people that have a 50% hit rate with these (being functional).

Another thing I found out researching these is that there are bigger ready-to-fly electric planes (~30" wingspan) for not much more money ($45 street price). Interesting. Will be something to look at when the AA's motors wear out.

Here is one of the bigger planes. The price shown is $69, but local hobby shops sell them for under $50.
I read about the Firebird as well, but is it a backyard flier tho? Definitely next on my list.
I fly the aero at least 10 times a day. All of neighbors plan to get one. I can't say enough about how cool this thing is (for the price).
I would doubt that it is a backyard flyer; more of a park flyer.

Did you catch all the people who build planes with the guts from the AA's out of sheet foam?!
Dang!,I really wish you all wouldn't do this!.. I picked one up at Target that I haven't seen mentioned here. It is the F18 Falcon and supposedly only available at the Target stores. Anybody else flown one of these yet? As soon as I got home with it the skies opened up with rain! ;)
If it's the one with the single joystick type control, you might want to bring it back, judging by the reviews from some other people.