Air Hogs Aero Ace RC Plane

electron said:
If it's the one with the single joystick type control, you might want to bring it back, judging by the reviews from some other people.
Nah.... I'll give it a fly. It does have a nice RUBBER nose on it so it should stand a couple of my kind of flights!:) If I don't like it I'll just give it to one of my nephews.
I've been flying mine and like it alot.

I did buy a bigger plane called the Slow Stick. Hopefully I can get it put together without much trouble.

I am getting the plane to stay flying longer though.
I saw a video which showed a bigger flyer rescuing a stuck AA (indoor arena), kind of looks like the slow stick. Where did you buy yours (and how much?)? thanks!
I bought one on Saturday.

It was windy all weekend, but yesterday we had 2-3 minute calms that let me fly it.

After being unsuccessful keeping the plane in out tiny yard, we went to a ball field and flew.

I was able to get several mnice 2-3 minute flights, and then stopped after the wind knocked it into some trees (I got it down safely).

I used to fly kit-built RC in my late highschool/early college years, but it was such a chore just to get somewhere where you could fly it, and maintaining the plane was a bit much too, that I eventually gave up. I think my old RC stuff has spent the past 12 years in my folks' shed.

I used the little aluminum stickers as nose weights. The plane is tail-heavy as it is, I cannot imagine putting those things on the tail. I've had a lot of success with the slight adjustments I've made to my rudder and elevators using the foam's natural "memory" without having to resort to using anything to keep them in place. In my case I had to give a tiny bit of left rudder and a little down elevator.

For some reason, it took a combination of left rudder (on the plane) and right trim (on the remote) to achieve straight yet responsive flight. The down elevator, in conjunciton with the nose weight from the stickers, was to help keep the nose down and improve stability. Before the nose weight, the plane wanted to stall all the time and would enter a spin on turns. I think I could add more weight still, becuase the plane still stalls at max throttle. It would be nice t achieve a balance where max throttle would put the plane in a gentle climb without ever stalling. Of course, that much weight on the noise would make the planes "cruising" speed much higher, which would give you less time to react, and make it more prone to damage (more speed = harder impact)... but the thing flies so slow, that's probably not a biig deal.
Hehe! I was in Radio Shack today and they had a bunch of helicopters for $49. Picked up one and it's charging. I'll report back here with more info! B)
The setup is very similar to the AA's; you essentially have control of altitiude and direction. Forward flight is supposed to be automatic, and the counter-rotating rotors cancel out the torque so that a tail rotor is not required.

Out of the box, this thing flys like a bad AA. B)

After adding some weight to the nose (a nickel), it works fairly well! Without it, forward flight is non-existant. It also seems to go unstable once in a while (the dual rotors hit each other) and it drops like a rock, or it just autorotates to the ground. Charge time is about 45 minutes and flight time seems to be about 15 minutes.

I have an email in to the manufacturer to see if my problems are normal or if mine is defective.
The manufacturer says that this is not normal and I should bring it back for exchange. More later!