Am I asking too much of CAV6.6. My AV plan


First have a look at my attachment. Using the CAV6.6 I would not need to purchase 2 seperate devices.

Goals & Objectives

1. Each Room can access the 3 Cable boxes
2. Each room can access the Sony 400 DVD Changer
3. Each room can play a DVD locally
4. Each room can access the 3 Media Servers
5. Each room can play a CD locally
6. Each bedroom will have 5.1 Surround
2. Use same sets of speakers for AV and Music
3. Alert when doorbell rings
4. Whole House Paging

Video/Audio Sources

1. Cable/Satellite
2. Cable/Satellite
3. Cable/Satellite
4. Sony DVD 400 Changer
5. Media Server
6. Media Server
7. Media Server


1. Master Bedroom
2. Bedroom 2
3. Bedroom 3
4. Living Room
5. Entert Room
6. Kitchen
7. Library


A. Will the CAV6.6 allow me to send distributed content to 2.1 or 5.1 Surround AMPs in bedrooms and 7.1 Surround AMPs in Living Room & Entert Room.

B. I would like the source audio from the Kitchen, Library & Entert Room to be sent to seperate speaker selectors with volume control for 4 pairs of speakers.

2. If I am unable to use an amp in the bedrooms, I would like to play local sources of audio as needed. Along the lines of DVD/CD or MP3 player.


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In looking at the back of our Russound CAV6.6, there are 6 source inputs for Right, Left, Video, and 6 Right and Left speaker outputs. There are also zone expansion connections.

I question the capability for 5.1 and 7.1 switching, but I am not a CAV6.6 expert.