analog videt to ip video


Hi all

I've ordered today a KGUARD 8 Port Digital PCI card click here to view card

and I'm wondering is there and sofware which will allow me to "translate" regural analog picture form cams to ip video (something like ip video server).
I would like use this card + cams for my mcontrol software

I'm using webcamxp on a PC to act as a video server for two cameras at my home that's under construction. The cameras are connected to the PC via video capture cards. I can send you a link to the server at the construction site if you PM me.

I also use webcamspy on a remote computer to record video when triggered by motion. This way if someone breaks in to the house and steals the video server PC, I have a video of the thief on a different PC. Although I primarily use it for security monitoring, its been great to know which contractors are at the house at any point in time. I've already called a couple of contractors on their lies when they said they were at the house when I could look at the video and know they weren't.
Thats what that card is doing, however the software to integrate with it???

I mean look at the reviews on that...

If you decide you want something that actually works PM me.
I'm waiting right now for delivery

I don't know if there is any software integrated with (would be nice if i can find something included )

chaseru -
I'll try this software (webcamxp)I hope it will work with 4 cams connected to this card

thx !
I also use WebCamXP and actually did a How-To on setting it up (though it that How-To is with a very old version, but the basic functionality is the same).

I really like it and I currently use it for two cameras, one ATI capture card and one IP camera.

You do have to set it up correctly and the menus are not obvious though. If you need any help sounds like at least two Cocooners know how to use this!

I like that it automatically generates a thumbnail image of a capture and you can view all the thumbnails from all camera (in order of time captured), or just select an individual camera's capture thumbnails to view.

It comes with a free trial (so you can see if it will work with your capture card before you purchase it) and I've been using it for many years. I believe newer versions are even supporting some pan and tilt models.