Mixing HAI legacy Video/Omnitouch hub with new IP cameras


Here wanting to use the cameras with the old and new stuff rewired a bit.
Older analog cameras are plugged in to single video amps then the signals are split with one going to the HAI combo touchscreen hub and Axis servers.  I use these Pyle amps that are all using the same 12VDC power source.  That and I paid around $10 each for these many years ago.  I see similiar to the Pyle ones on Amazon.
Analog video camera ==> Pyle video amp ==>
1 ==> Axis Server ==> IP network
2 ==> HAI Video Hub ==> Omnitouch 5.7
IP video cameras ==> Grandstream Decoder/Encoder ==> HAI Video Hub
I also use a Grandstream encoder/decoder for feeding the rest of the IP cameras (all IP cams are Grandstream right now) to one port on the video hub (which switches views every few seconds).
With the above I use the old Omnitouch 5.7's and the new Omnitouch 5.7e's.  The 5.7e's get pure IP stuff this way of all of the cameras analog and digital.  The 5.7's get all of the cameras via the video hub whether they are analog or digital.
I can do a drawing of the above if you want.
Try purchasing one video amp and checking analogue signal combing from the cameras (good ground and video lead should provide a good signal). A bad video signal shouldn't mess with the HAI video hub.
Note that the video CCTV picture on the OmniTouch 5.7 is low resolution SD while the video on the Omnitouch 5.7e is better.