Anyone using Omnitouch7 screens with "heavy" IP camera traffic?

Pete, SJ, and StarTrekDoors - I wanted to call you out and thank you for being such helpful resources, as always.  I really appreciate that each time I've "come to the well", you three in particular have been tremendous about providing insight and helpful comments.  So thank you.
StarTrekDoors, thank you also for your explication on the "why" behind why the OT7 does--or does not--behave as it does. As much as it doesn't change the performance deficit itself, I find that knowing at least the details about why it falls short somehow helps my understanding. I don't know why knowing *why* it's broken helps, but it does.
I haven't had time this past week to fuss with the managed switch, but as soon as I can I will endeavour to apply as much mitigation as I can via traffic management and the daily reboot option to clear the buffer. Hopefully even if I can't fix the problem itself, I can automate the maintenance remedy!
Thanks again fellows. I appreciate you.
Yes I originally tested with a layer 2 managed switch which didn't work for me and then fixed it with a tiny travel router with OpenWRT on it.  
Today the micro router plugs in to a layered 2 managed switch.  I have not had any issues since this was implemented.
Opened a ticket with Leviton regarding repair of my OmniPro 2.  They explained that the issue was related to the too promiscuous network port and that they could not repair it.  I just kept tinkering until it worked.  It is documented here on the Cocoontech forum.  Leviton closed the ticket with no solution at the time.  Another OmniPro 2 user sent their board to Leviton for repair and they repaired it.  Not sure what they did to the board.  
The travel router fits between the daughter board and the side of the media can and is powered by a Bucky 12VDC to 5VDC transformer.  With the WLAN off on the travel router it doesn't utilize much power.  The router does the layer-2 / layer-3 thing.
Here is a wiki relating to the Nexx WT3020 travel router.
Here’s some info from the Homeseer HAI plugin help tab:

Panel Ethernet Connection

There are well-documented issues with the Ethernet port in the OMNI OmniPro II panels. For best results, you should plug your panel into a 10/100 connection on your router/switch instead of a Gigabit connection. If you have a managed switch, you should set your panel's port to 10mbps/Half Duplex.
Understood @SJHart.
Here used Homeseer 2 with my OmniPro 2 serially.  There were issues as the Homeseer 1-2 plugin never got updated with features of the newer firmware of the OmniPro 2 panel.  But it did work fine and still works fine today with legacy Homeseer 1- 2.
The OmniPro panel serial plugin was initially offered with first generation Homeseer and was written by Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink").  There were conflicts between "Tink" and the HAI support folks back in the early 2000's.
Ano (here on CT) (Anogee on Homeseer) was using Homeseer in the 2000's and wrote about some of his issues back in 2006.

Can't Comunicate with the Panel
There is a long thread on Homeseer relating to these issues (over 100 pages of posts).  That said there are still folks running Homeseer 1 and 2 with the original serial plugin to the OmniPro panel (legacy not ethernet) and it still works fine without an ethernet port.  
Rob Mason had access to the original serial port source code but did not use it for writing the Omni Ethernet Homeseer plugin.  It was written from scratch.
Sometime during the sunset of Homeseer 2 I posted about interest relating to a new plugin for Homeseer 3 and asked for development monies (prepay) for a Homeseer 3 plugin.  I did get interest and Rob Mason agreed to create a plugin for the Omni Pro panel for Homeseer 3.  We did not get enough funding for purchase of a new panel for Rob such that Rob purchased his Omni Pro 2 panel for his new home.  
The network issues related to the OmniPro 2 panel were documented here on Cocoontech first long before the Homeseer Omni Plugin was written and long before Leviton admitted the faults of the network port on the Omnipro panels.  Mostly it was not seen unless users had more than 50-100 devices on their network.  I did write an FAQ on the Homeseer forum for use of a micro router inside of the Leviton OmniPro 2 media can.
Have a look here relating to history of these issues.  Note after Leviton acknowledged the issues they did try to fix it in the firmware of the panel and were unsucessful.
The following post is dated April 2012 (there are posts before this).
New Firmware 3.10A old comm/time problems back
Here is a Homeseer post relating to interest in a new plugin for the OmniPro 2 panel dated around 2012-13 but really started a few years before...
HAI Homeseer User list and support list