Announce: Advanced Central Switch Interface


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This is a copy of a post I made over at Loxone Forum in case anyone here is interested.

I present my design for an advanced and highly scalable interface to dumb switches (like the Wattstopper LVSW) with ethernet communication to Loxone or any master automation controller. Similar to Elexol io72 and family of interface boards but an updated design with more features.
  • Modular design - 3 different boards
  • Wattstopper LVSW compatible inputs (input pin pulled to common when activated)
  • Wattstopper LVSW compatible LED indicator drive (positive 24VDC)
  • Easy to use spring terminal blocks
  • On-board indicators of input and output state
  • Opto-isolated I/O
  • Sophisticated LED special effects in hardware (dimming, fading, breathing, blinking, etc)
  • Interrupt-driven notification of switch activity
  • Expandable in groups of 16 switches (with 16 individually controlled indicators) up to a maximum of 128 switches with indicators
  • Optional inexpensive 1.2GHz quad-core ARM 512MB ethernet module running Linux or FreeBSD
    Interrupts delivered to user-space applications
  • You write the application the way you want

[*]Published schematics
[*]Published PCBs available, with no financial gain to myself, directly from OSHPark
Please visit my article for further information.
Sorry, I am not selling kits or assembled boards nor am I providing software. I built this because I needed it and I can't commit to ongoing support. While the license forbids commercial use of my specific design, I would encourage, and consult with, any company that would like to commercialize the concept.