Announce: CQC 1.3 Release Imminent

Hi Dean:

I gave it a quick look and I really like the site's design and layout! Will try to spend some more time there later.

Ok, the 1.3.5 beta is now publically available to anyone who wants to check it out. So here is the deal...
  • The old web site is still at It's still about 95% accurate but things have changed a bit. Nothing that's likely to really cause you any problems if you are just evaluating CQC.
  • The new site is now going to stay here until we make the official switchover.
  • The new web site provides marketing and overview info only. The technical docs have been moved into offline documents.
  • Only one of the new documents has been completed, but if you are just looking to evaluate CQC it's the one you want anyway. It's a 'quick tutorial' that takes you through a hands on tour of the product where you actually build a little automation scenario.
So basically what we're doing here is opening up the beta for folks who haven't really messed with CQC and who really weren't able to do any evaluation before because they felt that the documentation was too abstract for them to know where to start. If that was the case for you before, then this new quick tutorial document is what you were looking for and you might want to try it again now.

If you get through the tutorial and want to move onwards, you can use the old web site until we do the switchover, but you will find that some things have changed, mostly in the interface designer system. But it shouldn't throw you much since you see some of that new stuff while going through the tutorial anyway. And of course feel free to ask as well.

You can peruse the new web site for an overview if you really don't know anything about it at all. Then go into the Try/Buy section via the main web site menu, and then the Try It section. This has links to both the zip file that contains the installer and to the quick tutorial document. You can also acess the quick tutorial via the Documentation item of the web page menu bar.

So anyway, if you've been looking at CQC but just couldn't figure out where to start with the old web site docs, this is your chance to try again. I think you'll find the new quick tutorial very nice, but certainly give me your feedback. It was written at fairly high speed, so I could have made some mistakes here and there or ended up with some less than obvious verbiage in places. But it's a completely no nonsense, no theory type of document that just walks you through the installation and configuration of CQC, with lots of screen caps so you can see what things are supposed to look like.
Ok, take a look at the Gallery section (use the Gallery link in the main menu bar of the preview web site.) I've done the first gallery for my demo system, so let me know what you think. Not enough detail? Too much detail? More pictures, less pictures? I can't afford to put lots of big pictures, so it has to be limited to some degree, but a few more per gallery would be ok.

Oh, and feel free to comment on the overall way I've structured it. I'd like every gallery to follow the same structure, i.e. a main screen that discusses it very generically, what the person was looking to do, what's being controlled, but nothing about how and where and whatnot. Then each will have the standard sections in the vertical menu, to get into the various aspects of the system.