Another Elk M1 / Z wave question (and EcoNet)


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I've read the archives on this topic, but wanted to get some more current advice before I the trigger.
I currently have Elk M1 Gold with an M1XSLU connected to a Lutron RadioRa 2 system which works great. Most of the automation is in the Lutron except for things that react to Elk inputs. I have a Schlage Z wave deadbolt that I want to integrate with the M1. I have no other Z wave equipment or any plans to add any (besides maybe a couple of other locks if this works out). Is the ISY994 still my best option for this? I really don't need it to do anything other talk to the deadbolt and the Elk, though perhaps I'll think of other things to do with it. 

My primary concern is that Polisy is replacing the ISY, but from what I've read on the universal devices forum, its not quite ready for prime time yet. I'd prefer not to buy at the end of a product cycle if I can avoid it, but I also want something that just works. 
While the primary goal is the Schlage deadbolt, I did recently get a Rheem hybrid water heater installed, which has a (terrible) EcoNet app. If there's something capable of speaking to both that and the schlage, it would be handy as I could automatically shut the water heater off if I leave for an extended period of time.
There are certainly plenty of things that speak Z wave, though only a handful that will talk to the Elk. Should I just pull the trigger on the ISY, give Polisy a go, or something else? I do have the M1XEP ethernet module already installed as well.