Antec Sonata II Computer Case for $85


Anyone who builds there own PC knows the value of Antec, especially their Sonata line of cases (I have four of these myself). Well now the Sonata II line is on sale at for $85 including free shipping.

This is one of the quietest cases you can buy, especially for this price.

Details Here

HERE are some photos for reference.
Oy! I just got the same case 3 days ago from newegg for $88 plus $15 shipping. Missed it by "that" much...

But yes, these are awesome cases. This is my 3rd. [well, 2 sonata II, one sonata]. I also love the fact that you can cram lots of HDs in them. The sonata II has a tube above the CPU fan that takes the hot air vents it directly outside, so it well designed from a heat perspective.