Any interest in "Intro to HA" on 4/8,8:30am-10:30?

tbully said:
Darn! Easter Sunday. I'd get busted by the wife. Are you planning on having a future session?
Yeah, we end up doing this every 3-4 weeks. Technically, this is the 5th session. We refocused it to be more than just CQC a few sessions ago once we realized that just walking through CQC setup/config wasn't helping folks achieve their objectives - they really needed to see how to setup their security panel too.

I've had a request for a HAI-focused session, so i'll see what I can do to find someone knowledgeable about that front. I know the Elk, and barely at that.
meeting done, thanks to those who attended. As always, the next one is TBD and will be scheduled based on # of folks who request it. I'd like to get 10 folks indicating interest before formally booking it.

I can also tweak the agenda if folks have suggestions.