Need help deciding on where to start

The Z-wave controller like the Z-Stick or the Z-Troller is the interface between a computer and the Z-Wave devices - HomeSeer software or the HomeSeer Hardware Controllers need a Z-Wave controller to communicate with z-wave devices. The hardware controllers are specialized pc's running XP embedded and the Homeseer software -a couple of nice features of the hardware controllers is no moving parts and HS-Sentry when the power goes out and comes back on the controller picks up where it left off
Very nice info. This is getting exciting for me, I love learning new electronics and gadgets. Hopefully I can get a small system up shortly.
I will throw in my 2 cents here, I have been growing my homeseer and z-wave setup for about the last 6 months or so and it has been overall a great experience. I currently have about 25 z wave nodes including the plug in modules, receptacles, in wall switches, thermostats and a scalage door lock. I also put in quite a bit of x-10 rf gear and a wgl w800 receiver so I can use things like the x-10 palm pads and ss13 wall switches. Homeseer has a bit of a learning curve, as do all automation systems, but it is very flexible and has a solid support community behind it.
Thanks chewie, I am definitely heading in the direction of a Homeseer and z-wave setup. I am gathering information from all of you guys that throw it my way, and I will make a decision on what I think is best for me. You guys have been great, keep the advice coming, it is all being taken in.