Basic Hardware/Software set up for Omnipro 2 and Homeseer


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I'm looking for some basic guidance on what I need to add Homeseer to control my OmniPro2 panel so I can integrate some other systems into HS at some point.
My OP2 was installed in 2006. My set up controls security, fire, about 20 HLC switches, pool pump, outdoor lighting, sprinklers and a few door locks.
Since the original install, I've done additions and programming my self, using PSA Dealer and controlling with a couple of older touch screens and through the Snaplink app. I know enough to be dangerous, having enough understanding to program it and keep it running but certainly not "pro" level integrator skills.
First, I'm pretty sure my panel doesn't have an ethernet port. How can I determine this?
From my research, I see that having ethernet is required for the latest HS software? So the question is what do I need to get Homeseer controlling my panel. I could dedicate a PC to run it or get a HS troller? What PC specs would be required an what HS software would be best?
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If you are using or have used Snaplink then you have an Ethernet Port on your OmniPro panel.

Take a picture of the panel and post it here.

Homeseer runs in Linux or Windows and the Homeseer Omni plugin will take care of what you need.

You need to figure out what level of firmware you are at and if firmware is embedded or using rom chips.

Easiest way is to utilize PC Access (free now).

Oldest touchscreens are serially connected to the panel and newer (still old) touchscreens are Ethernet connected to the panel.

IE: Omnitouch 5.7 (serial) and Omnitouch 5.7e (network).
Thank you Pete,
Status screen on PCA shows 3.10 firmware. I seem to recall replacing the chip(s) way back when. Looking at the panel, one chip says 3.10 and the other 2.0. Is that OK?

Here's a photo of the panel.

I have no Linux knowledge so I guess I will get a windows version and put it on a dedicated PC? Or is the Home Troller a better option?


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Thank you for the picture. The board does have an Ethernet port and 3 serial ports on it. It is the chipped version of the Omni Pro 2 panel.

Looking at the panel, one chip says 3.10 and the other 2.0. Is that OK?
You should update the firmware on the panel to 4.X. There are sources here on the forum that sell these chips.

The panel will work fine with Homeseer 3-4. I have always used a dedicated computer for Homeseer. Install the Homeseer software and Homeseer Omni Plugin. You have 30 days of free use of it. See how it works for you.