Anyone use alarm monitoring?


CollinR said:
...If you can disarm the control via the internet then possibly so can others. The data bus for Ademcos I am sure has been broken however I have searched and searched and never could find it. What you have basically done is make your local network and internet connection a weak link for not much reason. Arming is no big deal, no threat would arm the system unless their goal is to annoy.

This is a simple problem with POTS...

Ask if you can have the Demark relocated, in Tulsa I can have new construction done this way almost every time.

If you can't do that just add another demark with 24 hour no trouble zones inside both sides of the cable. You can also do both! You can backfeed the bogus demarks so even test equipment can't tell the correct one without disconnecting it. It's less then $100 one time per box.

You can do the same thing for CATV/cable internet.

This will work well no matter who monitors it and leave the few smart enough to try messing with the POTs stuff a little confused.

I would be interested to see whats in the box, so keep us up to date.
Interesting info Collin, especially with info on the Demark.

It is stupid that the POTS Demark is so easily and readily identified and accessible, I never thought about having it moved - I guess I never wanted to go through the hassle either.

With the web arming/dis-arming, I do understand it's another potential vulnerability, but I feel pretty good about it because I use only strong passwords generated by GRC's random password generator, to get access to my secure web pages. Also, from what I understand, the alarm key code is required to be used to arm/dis-arm via the web, so that makes it doubly secure.

I plan to get SMS also anytime my alarm is armed/disarmed, so I will know if someone other than me has changed the alarm state.

I'm home today awaiting my receipt of the package so I can't wait to get it. :)


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9 out of 10 you'll have trouble having the demark moved to the inside of your garage if your home condtruction is complete. Thats originally where the multiple demarks idea came from.

I still have trouble getting the demarks in the garage and I basically have to supervise the installation to ensure it's done after I get the okay.


Ok I got the package an hour ago!! This is like getting a Christmas gift... :)

The package was very neatly packed, came with a uControl yard sign, the CPU / control box (about the size of a NetGear router) - already configured with the cellular card, some cat6 cables, C-Clamp to punch out the hole in the alarm box, reversible screw driver, USB memory drive, and an Airlink USB wifi adapter.

The quick start guide is very easy to understand and follow step by step. I've got my digital camera ready to document the install and will post the results here.


Ok after a lot of pictures, I've got thing installed.

I should really use the words "connect" or "plug in" instead of the word "installed" because it really was almost as easy as plug and play.

There were only a few steps to this process:
1) open alarm box, disconnect the back-up battery
2) use the C-Clamp to open up the punch-out
3) plug in the CPU unit through the punch-out, and tighten it by screwing in a nut
4) screw in 4 wires to 4 connectors for power and keypad connectivity
5) plug in the phone cord

It took me a lot longer to actually take all the photos than to actually plug in the system!

Plus I can remove the uControl stuff in about 2 minutes if I wanted to, and be restored to my pre-install condition. Really neat stuff!! :)

I then went through an activation process online, and then downloaded a small config file to my USB memory stick, inserted it into the uControl CPU unit, and after a reboot, inserted the provided Airlink USB adapter and it connected to the uControl server immediately.

I now have telephone, broadband, and cellular connectivity!!!

I took dozens of pictures but it will take me a while to edit them to remove any personal info and post them here. But the results look completely professional!!!

The web portal is pretty awesome. I can already arm and disarm the alarm remotely, and can see zone activity in real time. Plus I tested the alarm and already got SMS messages, email, etc for the alarm going off.

It will take about a day or so to provision with their call center though. In the meantime I am already protected because I am alerted, along with my next door neighbor, and the police chief down the street, via SMS/Email if my alarm goes off.

When I called the uControl monitoring center to ask about the provision process, I got shocked because there was no waiting, and an operator picked up my call immediately.

I was used to Monitronics where I get an automated greeting, and have to navigate through a 2-3 layer menu, and then wait 2-5 minutes to talk to an operator. With uControl there was no wait, I got a live human as soon as the line connected!! :eek:

I'm positively GIDDY with this system.

Oh and one more thing - I had a bunch of questions about my zones, and I reached the tech guy at uControl and had a fairly lengthy conversation with him. The guy was extremely friendly, helpful, and informative. I really don't think these guys know that customer service is NOT supposed to be that good. I've been conditioned by other companies that you're just a # and you get treated like part of a herd. This was a mind-blowing experience.

Ok next step - edit photos and post them!! :eek:


CollinR said:
I'm glad you like it, I hope it serves you well.
Thanks Collin!! Thank you very much for your insight and advice as well.

I would love to see detailed posts about uControl alternatives as well, like NextAlarm and other services, to compare and see which ones are the best and best value.

I'm playing with ARM/Dis-ARM online. Before when I was home I'd rarely arm the system for "at home" because it meant walking to the key panel and doing it.

Since I'm in front of my laptop all the time, it's easy as clicking "ARM" and "Dis-ARM" to change the system. I have a talking keypad that announced "ARMED" or "DIS-ARM" and it's annoying my wife - she thinks I'm wierd for playing so much with my new toy. :)

Oh - I'm planning to buy a UPS for my router & cable modem, so that if I do lose power, my router & cable modem will stay up with my alarm unit & its battery back up.


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technerd said:
I'm glad after all my research to finally find out from you that NextAlarm does offer POTS and cellular... Can you describe your install - how it went, what was required, etc?
There is really not much to describe. I had to switch insurance companies and they offered me a $32/mo discount for central monitoring. I had just been monitoring it myself (via email and call to my cell phone) for a few years since I ditched SecurityLink and installed my Elk. It was worth paying $12 to save $32 so I subscribed to NextAlarm. I do not have the Cellular option, just POTS for now. I really did not have to do a thing other than enroll online and add the NextAlarm central station phone #'s into the Elk. They should have broadband for Elk soon and I will use that as my primary. They offer a lot for the money and Dan from NA hangs out here and is very helpful. I'm sure uControl is very good but for me I needed to get away from $30 month monitoring fees even if it includes all the bells and whistles.


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I wish I could get that kind of a discount. The last time I asked my insurance company, they only offered $50/year. But I am happy with my insurance company and rates otherwise, so I live with it.


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I'll be waiting for the photos. I have been wanting to get my system monitored but just keep putting it off. After having my cars trashed and reading about the other guy on here that got his house broken in to I think it is time to make the jump.


Ok I'll post photos here tomorrow, I promise.

I'm taking my kid to a magic show tonight so got a lot of things to do. :)


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WayneW said:
I wish I could get that kind of a discount. The last time I asked my insurance company, they only offered $50/year. But I am happy with my insurance company and rates otherwise, so I live with it.
Do you have system smokes?

Alot of times you can have a discount for burglary and another for fire, the fire is more then the burglary discount.


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Yes, there are system sensor monitored smokes as well. The discount is for monitored fire and theft. I suspect the discount to be much less if anything if just for theft.