Are motion sensors immune to ceiling fans?


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Can I mount a motion sensor at ceiling height or will my ceiling fan set it off?

... or do I need a special sensor such as pet immune?
... or must I mount it lower than the fan?

I found a link here with a similar question but no answer.

I wouldn't point any motion sensor, especially a single PIR, at a moving object. I would mount the motion at 7' - 8' and point it down below the ceiling fan.
I have one sensor that I mounted per the instructions that came with it: ~10'

There is a ceiling fan about 8' in front of it at very close to the same height. This sensor mounts in a way that makes it look like it has a downward "zone". It has never falsed on me.

Just one case with a GE wireless, but maybe helps......
All the sensors that I have installed say in the instructions to avoid poiting it at moving objects, like ceiling fans. Yet you could install it at the same heigh of the fan and point it 15 deg downward. Its just trail and error