[Article] CEDIA: Z-Wave


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/archive/j/news/2010/9/cedia/Z-Wave/IMG_6464.jpg/archive/j/site/logos/cedia.jpgWhile Z-Wave has been around for a few years now, it had a pretty rough start. Initial low quality and compatibility issues really turned many people away from Z-Wave (myself included). But it looks like this is a thing of the past, as many of the newer Z-Wave products are high quality, and compatibility issues are slim to none. You also can't ignore the fact that the Z-Wave Alliance just certified its 400th device, making this one of the biggest home automation platforms.
Initially, I was not paying much attention to this number, since many devices come and go, but after checking out the Z-Wave Alliance booth at CEDIA, I am actually considering giving Z-Wave another try. Keep on reading for more info about some Z-Wave interesting products.

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