[Article] Cortexa announces new Atom based in-wall touch screen PC


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/archive/j/site/logos/cortexa.jpgCortexa has announces 2 new touch screens, which are using the popular Intel Atom processor.  There is a 8.4" version and a 15" version.  They will be shipping very soon.  Not much information is available (their website could use an update), but here are some of the features:
  • Intel 1.6Ghz low-heat, high-performance fanless processor
  • High Bright TFT LCDs and 16.2M colors
  • Touch Panel: 5-wire resistive type
  • Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • 4 customizable, quick access hard buttons on front bezel
  • Power Supply: 8~24V full range DC input
  • Steel back box included
  • Auto Power-On feature
/archive/j/news/2009/11/cortexa04.jpg /archive/j/news/2009/11/cortexa02.jpg /archive/j/news/2009/11/cortexa03.jpg
Read More to see a video of the system in action.

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