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Silicondust USA, Inc. announces First Network Attached Dual Digital Tuner with CableCARDâ„¢ Support

LAS VEGAS, NV - Jan. 7, 2010 - Silicondust USA, INC., based in Livermore, CA, today announced the development of their latest addition to the HDHomeRun® product line, by adding the First Network Attached TV tuner with CableCARD™ Support, for PCs with Windows7 Windows Media Center. Computer network environments incorporating the HDHomeRun® CableCARD™ will be able to support high-definition and other digital TV including premium cable channels, eliminating the need for a cable set-top box.

Silicondust's HDHomeRun® CableCARD™ builds on the success of their original Network Attached ATSC / QAM Dual Tuner which allows HDHomeRun® customers to stream digital broadcast video across the home network, without being tethered to one computer, in one location in the home.

The HDHomeRun® CableCARD™ has dual digital cable tuners, a single RF input and ethernet connectivity allowing PCs with Windows7 Windows Media Center access to watch or record digital TV, including premium channels. The HDHomeRun® CableCARD™ will be introduced to the consumer market beginning at $249. The HDHomeRun® CableCARD™ supports Switch Digital Video (SDV) in conjunction with a cable providers tuning adapter.

The HDHomeRun® CableCARD™ conforms to the OpenCable™ OCUR and DRI specifications.

"Silicondust is excited to introduce a Network Attached solution to the CableCARDâ„¢ consumer market," said Theodore Head, President and Chief Executive Officer of Silicondust USA, Inc. "this allows our customers the freedom to access TV from any Windows7 Windows Media Center PC in their home."

About Silicondust USA, INC.

Silicondust USA, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area based technology company that develops computer network attached digital TV devices for consumer and commercial solutions. With detailed knowledge of network platforms and extensive hardware and software engineering, Silicondust continues to introduce revolutionary tuner designs that enable freedom of TV viewing from all computers on a home or office network.

For more information about Silicondust USA, Inc and HDHomeRun® products and solutions visit www.hdhomerun.com.

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