Automatic Coffee Maker - ideas?


Has anyone ever thought of adding a container that can be filled with water on top of a bunn coffee maker and controlled by 24vac using X10.

Doesn't an ice maker for a frig operate on 24vac? Maybe this water valve on this can be used.

This could be the best yet, instant coffee. (HAL 2000) GOOD MORNING SIR, your coffee is ready

Now if I can get my wife to go get it for me :) :p
They sell coffee makers that you can plug a water line directly into it and never need to fill it manually. Im not sure who manufactures them but when i worked at Big Al's pit Beef on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore MD. All you had to do is fill it with coffe beens and press the momentary switch once. If you want to give them a call and ask them who their coffee maker is made by feel free. The phone number is 410-686-4015.

If you wanted to totally automate it you could remove the momentary switch and replace it with a relay which could be controlled with another device such as a serial port or the ocelot.

They also sell coffee makers with timers built in. Do some research on google. There are a million options when it comes to coffee makers. Its one of the most popular drinks in the world and most coffee drinkers are too tired to get up in the morning to turn the pot on so they need it automated.
The cofee maker that Squintz describes is also made by Bunn. I think you can get 'em at Sam's Club, but they're a couple hundered bucks (heck a consumer-model Bunn is about $100).
How would you get it grind the coffe? Or put it in the basket?

I'm sure there is also on ethat does this but it prob cost alot.

drinking coffee Now :)
I have been doing alot of looking around. I'm still have not come up with anything yet.

I do want to totally automate it and I would remove the momentary switch and replace it with a relay that will be controlled by ocelot.