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Automating cabinet locks?


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This is something I've looked into a couple times.  I landed on the same remote RF locks in the OP as my most likely candidate.  Otherwise it'd be my own wired up system of maglocks and another release mechanism (fingerprint would be nice) - http://sdcsecurity.com/1583-Cabinet-EMLock.htm
Great thread... as a kid with separated parents I went between them and got into all sorts of trouble - I really don't know we survived it all...  but the liquor specifically - my father had bought me a safe for some reason... well I also had an alcoholic step mother, so whenenver we found her stash, we actually put the bottle in my safe that nobody but me knew the combo to.  It was my job to mix her screwdrivers and ration her.  Every once in a while, I'd mix myself one and replace with water... but it was pretty rare.
Here we're just looking to move someplace that has basements and building out a game room with bar - so I was looking at the SideBar - along with a locked cabinet and the key lockout (unless I can figure out a better way with automation to disable it).  As for the tools - I'll likely go with some locked toolboxes in the detatched workshop.  That said, as a kid I remember quite a few antics - stealing most of the tools and often losing them, along with assorted injuries caused by using them improperly.  I would've been tough to stop though - I was good at picking locks from a young age and getting around most security measures.


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I have no illusions regarding adolescent abilities for working-around parental management plans.  My plan is to have a half-step pause between when it happens and minimizing disasters.  Slow 'em down a bit and find ways to redirect the energies...
We don't consume enough liquor to justify rigging up a Sidebar.  That and I recall the hassles of keeping lines clean for taps.  Draft beer might be fresher in the kegs, but you'd be horrified if you saw what's lurking in the lines between it and your pint glass in some establishments.  And since we don't drink that much, that often, there'd be a pretty wide window between being it being watered down and someone noticing it.   So a few things set up ahead of time avoids it being thought of as a punitive measure.  "It's always been that way" is a lot less problematic than "YOU DON'T TRUST ME!!!!!!!!" and other teenage histrionics.