BasiX Miniside Windows contact - pictures?


Since drilling into the window frame will void the warranty, I need to find a compact window sensor to use... I've seen a few references to the BasiX miniside available at AutomatedOutlet, however, I haven't been able to find any specs/pics of the product.

Anyone have a link to the manufacturer's site (if available)? Or pictures/spec sheets of the product?

If you can use the contacts with leads, they should be fine. If you need terminals (or for any good contact for that matter) I like the George Risk (GRI) line. I use the GRI 110-T's.
Steve said:
If you can use the contacts with leads, they should be fine.
The house was prewired, and I don't mind splicing, so if the units have wires coming off of them, it's not a big deal.

As far as size goes, I would like something that's fairly unobtrusive.. Do you know if the BasiX size is comparable to the 110? I did look into the GRI products before since they had the specs available, but if the BasiX is similar, I'll probably just add it into the AO cart.
I'm sorry, never seen or used the BasiX. I would guess they are a bit bigger only because it says it is flanged, the GRI's you can get without flange. Call AO tomorrow and ask for Jim or Brandon - they should be able to get you an accurate size. AO can also order you the GRI's if you are not in a rush. I keep hinting that he should stock them, maybe one day he will :)
For future reference:

BasiX contacts are
1+1/4" wide (1+3/8" counting flanges)
1/4" x 1/4" (height and depth)

The lead comes off the side and is about 16" long

Jim was a great help - and I'm about to finalize a $650 or so order with them... Hope to see you guys out at EHX this year.