Been a while...


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Hey guys,

Thought I'd check in. I've been training for my deployment for the past three months and am set to leave in the next 10 days (they have not told us exactly when yet).

I haven't had many opportunities to check the forums - and this is my first post in any forum anywhere since leaving San Antonio in October.

The few bits of automation I left running at the house for the wife and kids has been working well. I opted to put the fewest things possible on the Ocelot and leave HS running only for logging (which is fortunate because that PC has crashed and needed a reboot a few times since I left). The ocelot has been 100% reliable controlling the handful of lights I left it running while I'm gone. I'm using a WGL V572 RF Whole House Transceiver instead of a W800 to ensure the RF X10 gets to the Ocelot... I no longer use any X10 Security devices (V572/Ocelot can't do it).

On Friday the wife called and told me the LCD RPTV stopped working. After some poking around she found the "lamp" light to be blinking... I have a replacement lamp being FedEx'd to her as we speak. She'll get to have the fun of replacing the lamp this week. I tried to convince her to let me order a replacement bulb before I left, as I knew it was near the end of its life (over 3 years old), but she didn't want to worry about it getting broken in storage... Now she asked me why I didn't already have one ready if I knew it was going to go soon... Go figure... Had I bough a backup bulb, the original probably would of lasted another year. Until the bulb arrives and she gets it installed, she's managed to move the loveseat into viewing range of the Kitchen TV so my 2 year old can watch his Dora the Explorer and such... Fortunately the Living Room, Kitchen, and Master Bedroom share the same feed(S) from the Dish DVR, so she can still watch recorded shows almost anywhere in the house.

Anyway, I hope the Cocoontech family is doing well. I should have some sort of internet access available when I get there, so I'll keep in touch.
Hey John great to hear from you. I was thinking about where you were the other day. Be safe and get back soon and if you need anything we can surely find someone over here to drop by and give your family some help if need be. Keep us updated and be careful.
Good to hear from you John! Thank you for your efforts to defend our country.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you.

We're supposed to be back late January or early February 2008 (as scheduled) or when someone comes a relieves us (whichever comes last....

I'll get mid-tour leave sometime betwen May and October (big window, but only one person on my seven-man team can be gone at any time, so the window has to be big).

Thanks for the well wishes. I'll keep in touch.
John form one Army guy to another (My tour in Germany ended in 88 before the Pursian Gulf War broke out MOS 13C ).

Thank you for you commitment to this country, It's not easy at times for sure. Here's looking forward to you, your team, and everyone else getting back safe and sound!

One of the best feelings is the flight home, when the plane touches down, and someone usually makes a "Welcome the the United States of America" announcement! It's an amazing feeling that can't be described!