Being Able to Access Elk from the Internet

Ok. Now that my elk is working th eway I want..... mostly, how do I access when away from home?

I have a 700w Treo, windows mobile based treo with Verizon. I want to be able to check temps, lights, security settings, etc. while out with the family or on the road.

I tried to run the Elk RM pda version...but because my pda is not 640 x 480, it would not run.

Any other options?
If you've gotten CQC already, it's pretty easy to do that from there. Just use the CQC DotNetViewer, and build screens with all that stuff in it.

I have screens for that if you need help with it.
hey, I IM'ed you apologizing profusely already ;)

IM me when you're ready, shouldn't take too long to walk you through how to do this.
drewloch said:
I am able to control my Elk remotely by using xlobby and the plugin I created for it.

Information about the plugin can be seen here:
xlobby M1 Plugin

xlobby allows for a server with multiple clients, Pocket PC and web access support.
xlobby features

can you email me a copy of your xlobby configuration file and skin file? I'd love to see how you integrated the variables to the skin... thanks


tomtnt74 at fastmail dot fm