What control panel for elk M1 gold


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Ok Ive got to close up my walls in a few weeks downstairs and Im looking for the best touch screen wall controls for my system.  I have a m1 gold in a server room in the attic in a two story. 
I plan to run these systems from within there.
M1 Gold - hard wired
2 mk-5 russound 16 channel servers and 2 dms 3.1 sources
Russound compoint intercom system
16 channel hybrid hard wired / internet ccct server with aver card  *every channel but one is hard wired
Cisco 54 port programable switch w POE several ports
Radio RA 2 with 8 Q- grafikra and 16 wireless sivoia controled shades/curtains
QNAP server
acp battery backups
*nothing for video yet but need something.
all items owned but not setup
most low voltage wiring done
So at my front door I bought elks 7 in touch screen back in 2008 which is now probably outdated and was limited then.  I need a reliable touch screen for most or all of these sysems about 7 inches that I could also see whos at the front door through the single channel output on the  ccct server. Run the M1, Ra2, russound with cover art a sprinker system, internet access would be nice and whatever else I could squeeze in.  compoint is self contained.
In the pantry under the stairs I have the Grafic eyes and a Elk Nav control as backup and one nav in master bedroom upstairs.
I also have a Bryant evolution system and want to integrate that but it was bought in 2008 and now I dont know which sys board will work with it.  when I bought it there was only the one.  Now I see there are at least 3. My rooms are zoned and it now has basic honeywell controls with humidity.  There is better hard wired controls by carrier out now that I want to replace them with  and I like the new integration sys board with wireless control for sensors also but dont know if it would work with the M1 or what the benifit of the 3 different boards are for me.. Elk doesnt know either or if the new ones work with Elk. Either does my A/C Carrier dealer. Im still waiting for them to get back to me.  Please help
Another thing I'd like to use my Iphone 6 and ipad mini to run system integration software wether a single program for all or most if posible  or individual system softwares. also would like to be able to watch what is on the telly if I have to go to the head or outside.
If anyone can help me with any of these problems I need help quick before Im required to close up my walls.  Im drywalling room by room and doing alarm stuff / music stuff as I go
Honestly I'd get into an RTI touchpanel and controller to tie all these together.  
Elk's touchscreen does nothing for me.  I prefer the KP2 recessed flush in my walls right at the exit points, with another central touchscreen.  The main thing that's held me back is wanting intercom which RTI says they'll have soon with firmware updates - but they've said that for a long time now.