Belden 300v Rated VideoTwist TP Cable


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I am on a quest to find 300v rated Cat5, in order to use for both an OnQ lighting system, and for the GE 350CX smokes. The reason is that both of those can be wired with LV and HV in the same box. The NEC allows this, as long as the LV cable insulation has a 300v or higher rating.

After searching through the Belden catalog, I found that they make a few twisted pair cables that fit the bill. 7987R, 7988R, and 7989R. In their catalog, these are marketed as an alternative to Cat5 cable for video applications, as the twist rate is supposed to be more precise.

Has anyone used any of these cables before? What is your experience with them? If you used them for video, do you think they worked better than standard Cat5e/Cat6?

The price is about 50% more than Belden's standard Cat5e UTP.
well i learne somthing as I thought it had to be 600v rated.

I've seen both 300v and 600v. The common denominator is that they require CL2 rated cable.

For the OnQ switches, I guess I will just use standard Cat5, and use the insullation sheath that comes with each switch.

For the smokes, I guess I will make another trip to the planning department, and see what they say. There is a lot of CL2 rated cable for security and alarm, but no Cat5 that is CL2 rated.

I suppose on the smokes, I could use one of the dual gang boxes as shown in the link above, which seperate the HV and LV...I'm not sure if the smoke will cover up the dual gang box though. I guess I need to order one smoke to play around with it.
Smokes should be wired with 'Firewire" which I believe is 18ga and red in color. NOT Cat5