Best way to get TV audio out a multi-room system?


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I totally missed one thing when doing all the wiring and conduit for my new house - no easy way to run a wire from my downstairs TV to the audio dist wiring closet. I have a very long room that has the kitchen, nook, and family room. When cooking while watching TV I end up being about 30' from the TV. I have in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen that are hooked up to my Sonos in the wiring closet (on the 2nd floor).

What is the best way to get the audio output from my HDTivo (run through a pioneer recv/r that may have monitor RCA outs) connected to the Sonos? It's about a 30' run from the TV to the crawlspace-attic conduit, then the run to the attic, then at least another 20' to the wiring closet. Is it possible to just run RCA audio cables this length? Any specific (read: inexpensive) type of cable that you'd recommend?