Bitwise BC4 rev differences - no IR being sent out of box?


I am trying to use my BC4 Rev1 to control AV equipment. Just finally got the network cable pulled to support it.
I dont seem to be getting any IR commands sent out.
What are the differences between rev 1 and rev 2 on a BC4,  I found a web page once that I cant find again, but I think it regards the IR commands being stored in the rev1 box and rev 2 it accesses a more up to date database?
I am using a Sony DA300ES  and that doesnt seem to show up in the rev1 units I have. There is a BC2 available for a low price I could get if it will be a better box.  I see that I can send omnipro commands to it and that it also supports  email that would be nice to have. Are all BC2's the same? does it list the DA3000ES?
Anyway any idea why the IR is not working?  - do I have the incorrect codes sets?
Closure on this topic. The BC4 rev1 does not support IR signal tweaking. After trying everything imaginable I have thrown the towel in and abandoned the IR portion of the project.  Since newer amps have gone to IP control it will at some time be easier to just buy a new amp with IP control. No macros but at least can control everything from android.
Now someone need to invent a universal IP theatre controller.

HaHa - I just duckduckgo'd that and found iRule - will be checking that out.