Bluetooth applications?


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Has anyone done anything interesting with Bluetooth as part of their HA setup?

I've been thinking of the practicality of creating a house-wide bluetooth network and using bluetooth headsets to provide access to the phone and maybe voice recognition ... kind of geeky having to wear one all the time but there you go!

Maybe having multiple bluetooth access points could also provide some sense of location.
there has been a bit of research on the vr portion of your question on the homeseer message boards under the bluetooth plugin forum
I bought an app called BluetoothLock from but found out that it only pairs to one device. :) Not useful for me.
Thanks for the pointer to the HomeSeer forum ... definitely some interesting dicussion. I hadn't realized you could get bluetooth dongles that had such a long range ... though I wonder what this does to the battery life on devices they are paired with since I thought bluetooth modulated transmission power based on reception.

I'm not sure I'd want to use bluetooth for fixed devices since I'd sooner use a wired solution if I can for reliability.