Bose help?


We have a client who wants the small look of Bose speakers. For A/V, he wants:
- Digital Cable (HD)
- Digital Sat (HD)
- Blue Ray (HD)
- Aux in (ie. Ipod)

He also has a stereo amp for remote stereo in other rooms.

I am looking for a Bose unit but it looks like they only have 2-HDMI inputs. I had originally bought a Sony surr. rcvr. & Boston Acoustic surround speakers for the job but he says they are too big. That is why I am looking at the Bose. He bought Sony Bravia TV's so we want to give him the very best video he can get. Has any one used Bose for surround/video switching? How does it handle HD video? How about a multi-zone 2 output on the Bose controller? I don't see one except with additional Bose equip.

Should I go back to the original Sony Surround Rcvr? I could just use the Bose for the Surround audio?

Thanks for your help.