Build your own Contest and Prizes?!

I'm all for it! I have quite a bit of stuff here that I could add to the "junk pile" (ALL in working order of course).

As for the members of the board, I also agree with that for this go around. Mabey a minimal post count or something. The minimal post should be highe enough so someone dosent post 10 messages or so just to get this "status" and low enough not to count out a lot of the members that don't have an extremely high post count as well.

All in all I think this is a fantastic idea!!!
Not sure how much each contributor should provide for the "pot". For instance I have the following I could contribute:

RD110 120VAC 300W "In-Line" X-10 Incandescent Fixture Dimmer
X-10 Pro Model XPPF Five Amp Plugin-in Filter Module
Two Palm Pad Remotes
Model LM465 X-10 Lamp Module
X-10 Model KR15A "Big Red Panic Button"
A few Cat 5-e five feet cables (tangle proof connectors)

What kind of stuff are you invisioning for this contest and how much should each contributor's items be worth?

Also, if people don't have anything to donate, but want to join in the contest, can they maybe provide a gift certificate instead (from our favorite HA vendor ;) )?
I was just thinking about having a "potluck" kinda of affair... Its up to the individual on what they want to donate... One person may hold a contest for an elk panel... the next, an appliance module. Its up to the person "holding" the contest. As such, each contest's "rules" would be set by the person holding the contest!...

I have a few items I'm willing to donate, but rather than throwing one big contest, I was going to spread em out a bit, but thats just me. If enough people are involved there maybe a month where we see a few contests... if its just 5 of us, then maybe we would want to spread it out to once a month (get us to x-mas time).

Depending on the "gear" that is donated, and the person holding the contest, it may be a free for all, or there may be strict guidelines set (# of posts, etc)... totally up to you. I know one of mine will be for newbies only.

Pretty much, Im just envisioning airy, animated, blithe, buoyant, carefree, casual, cheerful, debonair, easy, easy-going, effervescent, informal, jaunty, light, lively, low-pressure, peppy, racy, relaxed, sparkling, spicy, spirited, sprightly, sunny, unconstrained, and vivacious types of contests.

Guess I need to go through that big box back in the warehouse... Probably at least 80 pounds of stuff that could be used for contests ;)