Cam6. 6 with A-bus controller


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Hi Guys,

I have a house that came wired for russsound but no head unit. I went out bought a CAM 6.6. 8t works great. However my ABUS controllers do not work. I purchased the controller splitter (Sk something) but I cannot get them to work.

I recently saw the cav6. 6 and noticed it has 4 A-Bus ports in addition to the 6 keypad ports. Did 8 buy the wrong head unit?


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The CAV6.6 can control 4 A-Bus zones. The CAM was a less expensive unit. Your other option is to get an abus controller like the A-H484 controller.
You could then take an audio out from the CAM and feed it into the ABus controller. The cleanest option is to get a CAV6.6. What controller splitter did you buy?