Can I program a new Elk M1 Gold straight from the M1XEP


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Greetings from Colombia,

Although we've been living in our new home for a few months already, I'm just getting around to installing the Elk M1 Gold.

Is there a way to program this from scratch directly through the M1XEP? None of my computers have an RS232 anymore...

Also, as a side topic: does anyone have experience running ElkRP on a Chromebook?

You can do a great deal of the programming via the M1XEP and RP software. I suspect there may be a few things you can not do via M1XEP, but I can't think of anything right now....I prefer enrolling wireless devices via the keypad, since that way I don't have to make sure I type in the wireless IDs correctly, but that is a preference, not a requirement.....I can't speak to running ElkRP on a Chromebook, as I don't own any. 
You can program the complete system via the XEP, including enrolling bus modules. As wmcneil stated, wireless devices are definitely easier from the keypad.
Thanks All!. I'm up and running with the implementation of the Alarm system. Got one magnetic sensor sensing the main door. From here it's copy and paste.