CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles EXPO

What's up, Ranger? Yeah I am a CL dealer and I love the stuff. I, like you, place it as a front end over HAI but I also connect via CL direct to some systems as well (Vantage, Ocelot, Russound, UPB, etc.) there is SOOOO much more that can be accomplished via CL. The custom side is taking off and I am offering custom GUI's to clients at this point. I have been with them for over a year now and can say that the support is TOP NOTCH. Who's your rep? Where are you located? I can tell you that I personally use both a SideKick and a C8 in my own home and my wife also loves it. I can scale it to large projects (just completed 13,500 sq.ft. home with 6 x C8's and a Muse, Vantage lighting, HAI, full theater control including Xperinet server and clients, etc.) yet it's "affordable" enough to place in 2000 sq.ft. production. Take a look at the serial router they offer. Freakin' awesome device at low $. Also, there matrix switches are incredible. Best control I've used, cheaper than AutoPatch (AMX) or Extron but with spec's to match. Can be custom built in a huge array of config's and beats the crap at of the low bandwidth or misrepresented CRAP out there (Key Digital, Calrad, etc.). I'm excited for you as I am confident that you and your clients will be more than satisfied...

Anthony, I spoke quite a bit with Craig? the owner. the next day he put me in touch with Jordon Connett, who I believe deals with all their dealers. I have since been in contact with Rusty Wilkinson who is their rep for Texas Area. He is in fort worth. i have the option of continuing to deal with Jordon if i dont click with the marketing rep Rusty. Not sure what all lines Rusty deals with but meeting with him on monday.

I am in central texas. Very much looking forward to to researching CL. Your words are encouraging. would like to talk to you more about it. It looks like i will have to go back to denver if we like CL and do some training. might just have to buy you a beer and pick your brain since you are in denver, lol.

Temple huh? I lived in Copperas Cove for like 6 years. I go back every couple years to visit some long lost friends and relatives. Nice area :)
You said "...and beats the crap at of the low bandwidth or misrepresented CRAP out there (Key Digital, Calrad, etc.). ..."
Can you fill me/us in on what you meant? XLobby is now a Calrad product and I'm looking forward to buying the Calrad edition, realizing that it may be pegged to some Calrad products, with which I have no experience.
Jay, the Calrad switches are just this side of crap (IMHO). The key to having high quality video at the end of the run is how the switch handles the signal. Some switches balance unity gain. Others actually process (and to my understanding, amplify) the signal. This way, the display receives what the source outputs. Calrad builds the cheapest switch that they can get away with. I don't blame them. There's a market for low cost gear (look at Visio). But, look at the traces they use. The signals are practically placed on top of one another. The noise, artifact, color fidelity, black levels (and more noticeably, gradations) flat out suck. Cheap is as cheap does...

Key Digital drives me nuts because there reliability is suspect. Control is kludgy. Performance is only passable. And they are arrogant pukes to boot. For example, they have only recently begun to consider advanced replacement. In this industry, that is UNACCEPTABLE.

Just my $.02...
By the way, you should have seen their cheesy booth at CEDIA. It looked like a flea market! At least there were no corn dogs or burros milling about...
anthony, i have to tell ya!,,,,you speak the way i like lol. to the point, no holding back. i certainly respect that. throw in that humor and you usually have me in stitches while learning at the same time, LOL.

hope your aniversary went well. sure would have been a hoot to walk the floor with ya I bet, lol.
Can someone take a look at the HS Touch at the HomeSeer booth?
Here's a little feedback from one of our developers who stopped by: http://board.homeseer.com/showpost.php?p=7...mp;postcount=26
So it's not just a software/plugin package then it seems.
Actually it is! HSTouch is software only and it will be available as an add-on to HomeSeer later this year (probably Dec). It will ALSO be pre-installed on a 7" inwall touchscreen that we'll be releasing later this year; that's what Larry saw at the show.