Channel Vision A-Bus/Automation using zoned-IR?


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So, I was all set for buying a Russound system, but then was clued in to some cheap Channel Vision A-BUS parts on E-bay. I bought a bunch of AB-114 keypads and two AB-414ES distribution kits. True, it's only single-source to 8 zones, but that's really all I need it for (and 1 source/8 zones system including keypads in the $300 range is a steal and allows me to spend a bit more on my home-theater project)

One thing I'd like to do is be able to remotely control each of the 8 zones (volume/on-off/etc). I just ordered an AB-500 remote, but it seems to me that it only controls the zone its in at that moment. The AB-500 includes an "all-off" button, but it does not appear to allow you to control Zone 2 when the remote is in Zone 1. I eventually want a touchscreen to control the whole thing.

So I got to thinking, maybe a zoned-IR distribution system might work. Could I "steal" the twisted pair the A-BUS system uses to rebroadcast the IR signals to the source equipment (basically, its an IR blaster) and instead use it to to control the local keypad from the source controller using a zoned-IR emitter?

Anyone have recommendations on zoned-IR emitters? Anything inexpensive and CQC friendly?

Would the RTI RP6 be an option? We support that now. It would allow you to train CQC to do something based on remote button presses in each zone. Then put two R2DI cards in the machine (for 8 IR zones) and connect them to emitters in the rooms.