Chat Event: Dave Howard (PowerHome)


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As usual, Friday night is when the chat room gets busy, but thanks to Squintz, we will have a guest speaker. Dave Howard, who is responsible for the PowerHome home automation software, will be joining us, allowing us to learn more about this rather interesting product.

See for more information.
No problem... This software is only $70 and offers a ton of features. The one thing it does not offer is the ability of users to create their own plug-ins. It does however allow you to write Scripts and macros to control virtually every aspect of the software.

As it has been brought up here a few time the fact that it doesnt support plug-ins is not really a bad thing. Some people actually prefer it to be that way because it tends to make the software more stable and reliable. Most things that are done with plug-in can usually be done with scripting also.

Dave seems to be a very open minded developer so make sure you let him know what you as a potential customer would want in a program that way he can try and add it. Hopefully he will side with us on the price crisis and pledge to keep his prices low.

Don't miss this chat session because its gonna be a good one! (So long as Dave makes it)
Can I assume that the discussion will be logged and available online later? I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend live.
For those who missed the chat... E-mail me and i can send you a log of it. Davepow16 at gmail dot com
Please do. I still haven't decided on what HA software to get and am interested in seeing what he had to say.